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  1. DidierDidier

    Wolves V Chelsea (PL) Wed 5th Dec 19:45 UK

    Adama Traore going up against Alonso and David Luiz is their biggest threat. Both will likely start and need to play a lot better than they have been doing for most of the season so far.
  2. If Hudson-Odoi doesn't start this game he has every right to reject any new contract offer and leave.
  3. DidierDidier

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Positionally he's all over the place, and as the slowest player on our team can't recover when we're defending counter attacks. Christensen admittedly hasn't been good this season either but I would be starting Ethan Ampadu alongside Rudiger when fit again.
  4. For me this is all on the back 4, with particular emphasis on a shocking performance from David Luiz.
  5. DidierDidier

    Chelsea V Derby (LC) Wed 31st Oct 19:45 UK

    I think it's clear now that when Ampadu is back to fitness he should be starting ahead of Cahill. I'm happy with Ruben's performance tonight though.
  6. DidierDidier

    Antonio Rudiger

    The way he dealt with Antonio (one of the fastest and strongest attacking players in the league) in that one on one situation was class. What a player.
  7. DidierDidier

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Good thing he doesn't play winger or striker then. RLC has talked about modelling his game on Ballack (who RLC is faster than, although that's not to say he's a better player).
  8. Loftus-cheek should start in my opinion. Regardless of whether Drinkwater is fitter, he's probably off in the transfer window the next few days so don't really want him starting.
  9. DidierDidier


    Hudson-odoi and jorginho looking fantastic. Not sure about Morata and Alonso.
  10. DidierDidier

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Ruben would speak of himself as more in the Ballack mould than an attacking midfielder. He's done interviews where he talks about modelling his game on Ballack so I'm not sure describing him as an 'attacking midfielder' is accurate.
  11. DidierDidier

    Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Agreed that he's never shown exceptional finishing ability throughout youth level or in professional football, but then neither has Iniesta. If he becomes as dominant in other areas of the game as I think he can become it won't matter, as long as we have a midfielder in the team with that finishing ability.
  12. DidierDidier

    Random Rumours

    4 3 3 plus loftus-Cheek could be ideal :)
  13. DidierDidier

    Mason Mount new deal

    He's statistically outperformed justin kluivert - a boy who all the big sides are chasing - at a worse side. Pretty impressive.
  14. DidierDidier

    Antonio Conte - Now Officially Manager

    Lets be honest, He's not going to be here to start next season and he doesn't want to be here to start next season. So what harm could putting in Joe Edwards (u23 manager) right now do. At the very least he'd integrate youth team players and reinvigorate this totally dejected squad.
  15. DidierDidier

    Andreas Christensen

    We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm not knocking Luiz as a passer, he is good. I just prefer Christensen who does pass incisively through to midfield and not sideways all the time like you are trying to suggest. This whole debate you've started with me here is irrelevant anyway because whether or not Christensen is a better passer than Luiz (which I think he is), this season Andreas is clearly the better defender and is rightly starting.