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  1. I don't think players misplacing passes all over the pitch had anything to do with Sarri. This performance was on the players in my mind.
  2. We have one capable left wing back, and one capable left back in my opinion.
  3. What does this phrase "serial winners" actually mean today, what bearing does it have on us getting results in the present moment. Absolutely none, You're a winner if you won your last match, our players lost their last game 6-0. Where are the leaders in the dressing room? these "serial winners" were seen swapping shirts with city players after the worst result we've had since 1991. It's not all Sarri's fault. He bears responsibility as well but this squad lacks any strength of character. Is it not glaringly obvious that players like Azpilicueta (who isn't a captain by the way), Alonso, Kovacic, Pedro and Willian, these "winners" have been shockingly poor?
  4. The whole point is that the players clearly aren't "serial winners." If they were, would they perform like this? Would Ballack, Lampard, Terry and Drogba have needed their manager to motivate them every day? The playing staff have no character unfortunately. This is why in my opinion we can't consistently perform to a level that would get us into the top 4. Although saying that I also have problems with Sarri. I just don't want the problem painted as one or the other.
  5. If those players are willian and marcos alonso that's fantastic news.
  6. I think we'll reject the transfer request and try to keep him for the rest of the season at least. What really does annoy me though is how happy the media are to shop him to the supposedly "bigger and better club" Bayern Munich. Chelsea players are free game to be shopped around it seems. Danny Murphy making comments like 'his head is in Munich' is an absolute joke. Apparently Phil Foden is right to stay at Man City but Hudson-Odoi isn't right to stay with us. Hopefully he stays in January and wins a consistent place in the team.
  7. I take your wider point, but I think getting Barkley off the pitch in any way was worth it after the performance he put in.
  8. Ideally as a winger it would be his main function along with assists. Unfortunately, because he can't consistently produce goals or assists, people are resorting to saying it's not his job. Well actually I'd like a player in one of our three most attacking positions to be able to consistently score goals. Is that too much to ask? or should we just leave it all to Hazard?
  9. Had a very good game yesterday. Until he starts scoring though, I will always have question marks about him. He'd be fantastic in a team that had a front three that all scores goals, unfortunately only Hazard and to a much smaller extent Pedro look like goal scorers in our team. With that in mind I still feel that RLC should be getting the nod in midfield at this point in time. I'd also like to point out how the Kovacic fans here are quite fond of trashing the link up play of Barkley and Ruben. I can understand it with Barkley but not Ruben. As shown with his goal against Fulham he shouldn't really be criticised in that way. You can criticise him defensively, but not his link up play.
  10. If we don't sign a winger in January, we are in serious trouble. He offers hardly anything to this team anymore. As many have said before me, Hudson-Odoi should be starting in Willian's position if we are playing with a false 9. With a striker starting, Hudson-Odoi should be first off the bench as a change for any of the front 3.
  11. Adama Traore going up against Alonso and David Luiz is their biggest threat. Both will likely start and need to play a lot better than they have been doing for most of the season so far.
  12. If Hudson-Odoi doesn't start this game he has every right to reject any new contract offer and leave.
  13. Positionally he's all over the place, and as the slowest player on our team can't recover when we're defending counter attacks. Christensen admittedly hasn't been good this season either but I would be starting Ethan Ampadu alongside Rudiger when fit again.
  14. For me this is all on the back 4, with particular emphasis on a shocking performance from David Luiz.

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