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  1. This is getting beyond disgusting. Let's agree with United and Spurs to send Kante, De Gea and Kane to City on loans.
  2. Great comment that: "LOOK what he SAYS" Dear God, what a muppet.
  3. Real Madrid will smash these Scouse c**ts if they encounter them in the next round.
  4. It was a second yellow, he was already booked for diving in the first half.
  5. Yet, they won't show up in Russia or will be as quite as possible. Disgraceful.
  6. Nice to hear that! Who do you support?
  7. Hello. I've just realized that I hadn't introduced myself last year, so to fix that, here goes. I'm a Man United fan from Serbia, but I simply cannot stand those idiots at RedCafe. I like to talk about football with normal people who really understand the game, not with glory-hunting kids praising or swearing the players and managers depending on the latest result or, more likely, during the game. Also, back in the 80's, there was a connection between Chelsea fans and fans of Partizan Belgrade, the home team I support, so that's another reason for me to join. Nice to meet you all.

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