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  1. roaming around Sainsburys with the enemy, and whilst she was shopping I came across Small Faces The Ultimate Collection for a fiver, wow what a great band, haven't stopped listening to them since...…..
  2. currently listening to True Meanings by Paul Weller, great album, but I prefer his mode livelier albums......
  3. currently binge watching all four seasons of Peaky Blinders......quality
  4. looks like squeaky at the front there, although I could be mistaken.....
  5. Me and Batesy when we used to have the open days, back in the eighties.....
  6. i went to my first game in 1979,and am enjoying reminicing over these games,does anyone remember a game when we played oxford at home,in the second leg of the full members cup i think,and we had won the first leg 4-0 if my memory serves me right,and there was a just one oxford fan in the north terracing.....it was a funny sight........

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