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  1. Its not like we dont need wingers either
  2. Has anyone been wroting him off though? Expressing a consern is hardly the same as saying he will never be good.
  3. Lmao what? Your point was that he cant help us score goals because he isnt coming before the summer? I have honestly no idea what «point» you are trying to make here. We are desperate for goals, have been since we lost Diego and we need our midfield and wingers to chip in just as much next year. Pulisic had never been a goalscorer at any level in his career, thats a worry for some
  4. If he isnt brought here to score goals, what is he brought here to do? Yes a striker would help, but we are desperate for our attacking mids to be able to produce, if he isnt going to help us score goals I really question how you can be excited avout this signing. Also, why is everyone so quick to point out how he will help our «marked value»? Are we as fans getting a share of the profits? You know what would really help marked value? A player that bangs in goals
  5. You could also see how much Pep respects his ability on the ball. Whenever City pressed they tried their best to block off Luiz and have either Rudiger get the ball or make sure that two men blocked the mid channel and force Luiz to play in Alonso. Still wasnt enough, that long crosser for our first goal is something no other defender in the prem does after him
  6. Is he though? As of now Id lick Luiz ahead of him, he just offers more. I kind of rate Christensen, but when he actually got to play against a decent opponent this year he had a mare. It is what it is, should probably get more time, but Luiz and Rüdiger is quite clearly our two best CBs at the moment
  7. Says a lot about the state of Englands midfield when Henderson is nailed on and the likes of Barkley and RLC is getting call ups
  8. Yeah, should def play Emerson over him.
  9. He just hasnt kept up with the times and the fact that hes doing his best scouser imitation and having a lecture on his history and the lack of respect he gets even thoigh he finished above so and so last year shows that he just doesnt get it. Its not enough to finish second anymore, fans dont care if its 2nd, 3rd or 4th if you play the kind of football Mourinho does. He just doesnt know how to play that kind of football, he never will snd its too late to start changing his stripes at this point
  10. “Bakayoko has to learn how to get the ball. We must work correctly. It will not be easy. One week is not enough to remove the defects of a player. I would have preferred to be managing older, more experienced club players.” Yeah, hes coming back here for sure
  11. 2018 and people are still sughesting Luiz should play in midfield. Thought the myth that he could actually perform that role was long gone
  12. Honestly, this was just as bad. Made worse by how long he stayed on the pitch. Bakayoko at least got himself sent off goving us fighting chance. Kennedy stayed on and managed to miss the game deciding penalty as well. Its a tough call tbh
  13. I honestly dont get the fascination with Barkley. For me he offers very little besides helping us in the Homegrown players department. Kovacevic is just on a completely different level and you could just tell by how comfortable he already looks that he is going to be absolute class for us. He makes us a much better team and our chances of finishing a top four is much higher if hes involved. Needs to be a starter as soon as possible
  14. This. Marcos has 14 league goals since August 2016, sometimes you just gotta unleash the beast
  15. His ability on the ball lools as good as advertised, thats going to be a huge assett
  16. Good points, I wasnt trying to say Haz is like Salah. Just that like Salah he will be given spesific tactical instructions om how to operate to maximise his talent.
  17. These things always fascinate me, why Ballack? What has he done to prove he can be a good DoF? I mean we still have a scouting network, would be surprised if one of our head scouts together with Marina and the board join forces in the transfer window. A DoF does a lot more then just come up with transfer targets though. Personally Id prefer someone like Ramon Verdejo
  18. Haha what? If he took tactical advice from Conte om how to play, Im pretty sure he would take advice from someone telling him he can score a lot more goals and create a lot more assists if he opereates like this and that. Lets be honest, Hazard is a great, great player. But his positional awereness and insticts in the final third is poor and I think Sarri can do wonders for his ens product
  19. To further that point, just look at Salah for Liverpool. Klopp had played him in a much more advanced position and his instructions are pretty much the same. Dont come deep to the ball and run 45 yards and full sprint towards the goal, but save the energy and only attack from certain positions. Salah has pretty much credited his scoring form to Klopp
  20. Yeah theres absolutely no way that Kavacic goes back to Madrid. He went AWOL to force through a move, theres no coming back from that at Real. I think having a loan deal can be an advantage, kind of a testdrive begore we buy. Real never ask for unreasonable fees for players who want to leave as they seem to prefer to get it done and dusted as fast as possible. Wouldnt be surprised if ee signed him in the January window tbh
  21. What you describe there is pretty much Sarrisimo 101. Everyone has probably seen this by now, but thats exactly how we got our pen. Lured them into a press which opened up the entire left side
  22. Was never going to play a single minute under Sarri, best mobe for all sides
  23. A journalist who follows Atletic has stated that «as things stand noe, Kepa is leaving». Pinch of salt and all that
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