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  1. For the love of all things Chelsea can someone please put this thread to rest....
  2. Two years to the day. Still cant quite believe we done it.KTBFFH. Tyler: “HE’S DONE IT!! The greatest night in the history of Chelsea Football Club! European Champions! They’ve beaten Bayern in their own backyard! They’ve found the holy grail after adventure frought with danger! And Drogba may never play for Chelsea again, he’ll never be forgotten.
  3. I heard something interesting this morning on Sky Sports News. The pundits were talking about Van Persie being at Utd but wanting to leave and how theres not a hope in hell of them recuperating anything near the 25mil they shelled out for him. A fee of 5mil was suggested by one of the panel just on the strength of freeing up his wages. My point here is that if RVP is going to be sold off at such a low price and no doubt Citeh wll be off loading one or two out of fashion players for just as low a price, what chance do we have of making the issue with Torres a business one. We have all heard the Inter Milan rumour and if all that is holding that up is the wages difference then i say lets do it. Give him to them for free and balance the wages if thats all thats stalling it. Everyone involved with Football, be it from the people who get paid to work in the game to the ones who pay to watch it can now collectively admit that he is never going to do the business in a Chelsea shirt, so lets turn the page and start a new chapter without the glum spanish one. P.S Have i really just taken part in ANOTHER thread about Floppes?
  4. Put it this way if Eden leaves it will be Thorgan Whozard. See what i did there, f**king genius a?
  5. So already the media have come up with a starting fee of 50 Million, thats his right leg sold now how much for the rest of him.
  6. Like Andreas says above The Mod is so much better than the standalone, unfortunate for my pocket i bought the standalone before i even knew the mod existed. So when im saying Day z i am meaning the mod more than the S.A. If anyone plays either though let me know. Ive been a bt of a lone ranger on so far.
  7. When he leaves the thread closes. They are one of the same thing, intertwined so one feeds off the other.
  8. Im still sticking by DayZ at the minute. Although i bought The Secret World in a steam special where it was reduced to just under nine pounds. Happy days.
  9. I think that was me, and quite honestly since i said it ive wished it every weekend since. He is a c**t of the highest order and the sooner i see him in another teams colours the better. P.S I feel honoured that i got you to stay, i got you to stayyyyyyyy el_gitano i got you to stay.
  10. Word for word and with out doubt the exact explanation that fits the situation. Someone somewhere who holds the power, needs to admit its never going to get any better. I wont bore anyone with my own version or blow by blow account of his performance yesterday.
  11. Blinding pics again CB. Its not until i see a picture of our rickity old pissy smelling shed that i realise how much i miss it. Away fans in the shed end, DISGUSTING.
  12. Im not really a gamer as normally its FM or nothing but this dayz game is a whole new beast. The alpha cost 20 english pounds and that does give you the full version when its finally released. Feed back via forum is welcomed by the developers and they also support peoples ideas for future releases. Id recommend this over any other game thats out there.
  13. DayZ Standalone. Only 20 English pounds on steam atm due to the fact that its still in Alpha stage. Amazing game thats all i can say.
  14. They said the Germans never lose in penalty shoot outs. Ashley Cole " They do now ". 19/05/12 Thank You.
  15. Just read that moody article from Sky Sports, what a complete load of w**k. Injuries have f**k all to do with his inability to score goals. He runs around more now than he ever did at his last two clubs and uses that as a smother up for his lack of goals. Sorry but im not accepting the injury excuse at all. Lets all hope that he woke up this morning and has managed to motivate himself, because a motivated torres is a dangerous torres. Its tough watching him week in week out doing this thing he does because my son thinks he is the best thing ever and its f**king sad watching him get upset when i slate the life out of torres. So mr Fernando T go out there today and do it for all the people who still refuse to have a bad word said about you. And if you cant do it for them then do it for me because i HATE losing to Liverpool.
  16. My oldman used to do that all the time with me. The first time he done it i was about 7 and i kicked off shouting how he " forgot to pay for me ". I only went coz i wanted a go on the clicking turnstiles.
  17. No problems mate, i cant imagine this thread without your pictures.
  18. Try pressing Ctrl + v to paste instead of right click paste. Or vice versa.
  19. Oh ye of little faith

  20. It seems its all about the lower divisions or even the non league stuff these days. I follow a few of the Casual Facebook pages and they often put up pics of the support of lower league teams, they always look up for as good day out. A bit like us in the 80s and 90s eh?
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