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  1. trigger

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    in many ways he's the opposite of our former nr 1 striker Torres, too little / too much, need a good second striker next season, to deal with the amount of bans / injuries he will get, would go for Benteke... same type of player, to strengthen our air force when we need to drop balls over our 'park-the-bus-opponents'
  2. trigger

    Eden Hazard

  3. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    ...never underestimate that Madrileno accountant, he's already behind his special abacus/calculator
  4. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    That blue shirt suits him so much better than a royal white, good to know he keeps on wearing it for at least some years. Also think that Mourinho is the best manager for him. His consistency and work rate has improved a lot since Jose's around, he can still improve, exciting times...
  5. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    ..always holding my heart when Haz takes a pen, have faith though ;-)
  6. trigger

    Blauw is de kleur

    England surprised me too... 2 - 2 would have been the correct score.. Can see them win against Uruguay and Costa Rica... Sterling MOTM, and Pirlo is pure art to watch No idea where to place the Belgian team... I didn't see them playing like England yet.
  7. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    Eden confirmed he will stay at Chelsea
  8. trigger

    Cesc Fabregas

    I'll do my best
  9. trigger

    What are you listening to?

  10. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    maybe a Torres-factor should be included... :-)
  11. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    I guess they are talking about Willan in this Hazard-thread... Mourinho just praised Eden, 'said' he wants Courtois and the decision about Lukaku will be made later...
  12. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    he had a great season, said something stupid in front of the camera media jumps on it cause they want to destabilise Mourinho, it's a mousetrap, let's not get involved...
  13. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rosAb8CHBI it took several takes for Fellaini to get those 2 touches right ;-)
  14. trigger

    Eden Hazard

    ...he's just joking, learned it from Jose :-)