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  1. The circus called and they need their clown back.
  2. Italy are unbeaten in their qualification and finished top of their group.The national team has only lost once under him, in a friendly. He has 56% win ratio. With Juventus his win % was over 67%. Jose's win ratio at Chelsea in his first spell is not as good as Conte's was at Juve, however for direct comparison in the same league, Jose had a win % of 62%, and I am pretty sure most people would say that Jose did OK in Italy. Conte basically rebuilt Juve and took them back to the top of Italian football after years of turmoil. How on earth that is "not very good" is beyond me.
  3. HI IDIOT I CAN USE CAPS TOO Do you want the exact quote from the book, idiot? If so I'll happily dig it out for you when I get home this evening, idiot. Edit: here's a snapshot of those words, idiot. I have made it bold so that it is idiot-friendly. "‘We established that several very desirable candidates were unavailable. It became apparent that Jose Mourinho had given his word to Roman Abramovich that he would return to Chelsea and that Carlo Ancelotti would succeed him at Real Madrid. We also knew Jurgen Klopp was happy at Borussia Dortmund and would be signing a new contr
  4. I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn that again I have deemed this latest post of yours as more unadulterated shite. Given that old red nose Ferguson is happy to hang all and sundry out to dry in each and every one of his published works, it is highly unlikely that he would unnecessarily pass comment on Mourinho's overt commitment to Abramovich and Chelsea at the time of the Moyes appointment. What would Ferguson achieve by making these comments? Why bother? To me, it read like they had actually approached Mourinho who told them that there was no chance, not the other way around.
  5. With all due respect, shite. I had the misfortune of reading Sir Alex Ferguson's book, "leading", a few months ago. In it, Ferguson himself says that at the time of the David Moyes appointment, when possible successors were being discussed, that it was clear that Mourinho was going back to chelsea having already given his word to Abramovich that he would return. I think that stacks up as fairly comprehensive evidence to counter your grotesque passive aggressive attitude.
  6. How many times do people need to be told that Hiddink doesn't want the job?
  7. Pirlo said: “I love the man, I have nothing but respect and admiration for him. I know if he takes a job, any job, it will have to be on his terms. “The players he wants to sign, those he wants to get rid of, the style he wants to play. “If you sign him as your coach and then as the owner you want to start making ­decisions, he is not the coach for you. “If you let him get on with things and do his methods, then you will have a team that plays attractive football and will, without doubt, be successful.” Pirlo has also described Conte as “a beast with two wives” – his own and football. The
  8. Get your tin hat on and prepare for the pro-RLC onslaught.
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