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  1. Someone at the Guardian had some time on their hands. The 1970 FA Cup Final Replay - as it happened. Priceless. https://www.theguardian.com/football/live/2020/mar/21/chelsea-v-leeds-united-1970-fa-cup-final-replay-live?CMP=share_btn_link
  2. Cambridge ..and others like it where the terrace was only a few steps deep.
  3. Cheers mate. Lucky find. Couldn’t believe it. I think we should all go to that Twitter posting and thank the GrimsbyTown lad for posting that....and encourage him to get the match highlights up as soon as possible. Crazy, brilliant day. Coach from Fulham Broadway, drinking all the way. Sunny, warm day. I remember the strong smell of fish getting off the coach in Cleethorpes. So many of us there as usual, but no sense of trouble..apart from one scuffle on the field... it was a party atmosphere. Memories fade...and details become blurry. I was behind the goal..but no idea if I was to the
  4. Good call mate. I hope the guy is serious about posting highlights of this game in May. I’ll probably shed a few tears. I was behind the goal, and crushed like everyone else. Getting close to 60 now, so I can’t remember exactly where I was. To the right of the goal maybe, or was it the left? Maybe the Grimsby fella has got clips of Pat’s dribble v Newcastle, and Flasher’s goal at Bolton the season before.
  5. Saw this On Twitter a week or so ago. Apologies if its been posted. What a day that was!!!
  6. Remember that friendly at Barnet in 82 or 83? Stood next to Mike Fillery for some stage of that game - I think he might have been subbed at half time and came back out to watch the game. No chance of something like that happening these days.
  7. Welcome to The Shed End Stibbs1961 :)

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