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Quote of the century


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Inspired by John Lennon's famous quote that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus, perhaps. So if the Beatles are more famous than Jesus, and Liverscum FC are more famous than the Beatles, that means that ...

... the innately Scouse capability for self-delusion has plumbed even greated depths.

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This isn't about football, but it's one of the funniest quotes I've heard in a long time...

There was a big county council meeting near me and one of my friends that went said that this is how the meeting started...

"OAPs were protesting by sitting in the councillors' chairs, and the mayor said get out, they reply "not until you listen to our cause, and let us have our swimming pool""

I found that absolutely hilarious. :rolleyes:

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same story in the Starr

Today or Yesterday?

That paper is a Joke. Oh, no?

Away from home, Gerrard dives like a Yellow Submarine.

But I can't really Imagine them finishing top of the table. If they do I'll Twist and shout.

And next season we'll have a new manager because Hiddink will be Back in the USSR.

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Barcelona fans usually says to Madridistas (Real Madrid Fans) since the 1/8e final of this Champion's League against the Reds : "Do you know why we call Real Madrid "the beatles?""

- "No".

- "Because they remind me the Four of Liverpool..." :) :giverose:

I guess that was for the benefit of Mr. Kite.... no?

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Who do you think you are kidding Arbeloa

If you think you'll win the league

Old red nose can touch his toes but Rafa's a fat slob

And as for me I can't believe such crap comes out your gob

So who do you think you are kidding Arbeloa

We all know your title hopes have gone


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Liverpool's goal's conceded reminds me of the beatles - there's always four of 'em

I heard a good one yesterday:

Liverpool are the new Musketeers: One four-one and two four-alls.

- "Because they remind me the Four of Liverpool..." :D :300:

Thats a good one, but you must learn fast that any joke around here of which Liverpool is not the butt is unacceptable :seehearsay:

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