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Chelsea Vs West Brom (Motm)



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  1. 1. Who was your MOTM against West Brom?

    • Cech
    • Cole
    • Terry
    • Alex
    • Ferreira
    • Mikel
    • Essien
    • Lampard
    • Drogba
    • Malouda
    • Anelka
    • Ivanovic
    • Benayoun
    • Kalou

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Hard not to vote for a man who scored three goals and set up another one through a superb free kick.

That said there were plenty of good performances, here are my thoughts on a few of the better ones:

Malouda - Fantastic again, is a real goal threat these days and is absolutely world class, a gamebreaker now for me and definitely in the top 3 players at the club.

Cole - Showed all the individuals who have been saying he's replaceable just how wrong they were/are. The combination of he and Malouda is the best left side in club football right now, and will continue to be the main outlet for goal scoring oppurtunities on todays performance.

Mikel - That's right you read correctly. Still had a couple of dodgy moments as always but I have mentioned him here because he really opened up the range of his passing today. Was even a bit further forward at times and was a bit unlucky not to reopen his account (surely its been closed given how long it's been empty) when he was first to the Drogba freekick. Real positive signs from a player who is going to need to take it to another level this season.

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Cole for me was outstanding today in the first half and for franks goal so i went with him.

Another shout out to Mikel, with the new signing of Ramires you would think he's under pressure but he was brilliant at times on the ball and turned numerous players and his passing except for one dodgy pass was perfect.

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Quite a few good performances. Really it was only Ferreira who were below par (far, far below).

But Drogba scored three goals. Might have been a bit lucky (bad wall, easy rebound and deflected shot), but a real goalscorer have that sometimes.

Could this be the new 100% fit, no-pain Drogba? Can we expect wonders from him yet again?

If only he could teach Kalou and Anelka how to score goals as well :rolleyes:

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