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best player nicknames


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not sure whether these were the fans names or what the teammates called em, also only gone for nicknames not just shortened name;


'nobby' - peter houseman (actually he was also called 'mary' too), 'cat' peter bonetti. 'sponge' Tommy baldwin...............quite a lot in that era for some reason


'jt' - bit of a fiddle but counts, 'quickdraw' - ashley cole (I made that up), 'calamity' - kalou,

must be more in recent times?

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Eddie Niedzwiecki = Steady Eddie

Doug Rougvie = Doug Rubbish

Pat Nevin = The wee man

Tony Cascarino = The Icecream man

Andy Myers = Tyson

Gareth Hall = Albert

David Lee = Rodney

Those are some I recall.

Oh and wasn't Graham Stuart called Bobby?

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Used to love Fitz Hall`s nickname, "one size". Genius.

Love that one too.

Along the same lines was the player Musampa, who obviously became known as "Chris"!!

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Wrong sport but I used to play Rugby league with a bloke we nicknamed turnstyle, because his defence was so bad he basically let people through...

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