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If you could ask Roman one question,to which he would have to answer 100% truthfully,what would you ask....? (about CFC mind!).

For me,I would like to ask if it is the manager (whoever it is) & the manager alone who picks the transfer targets?.

Jose,Carlo & now AVB it seams, get certain players 'picked' for them & it seams like they are put in a position where they have to make the new 'star man' work out.

Who picks these guys?,who 'advises' Roman? (yep more questions).

Now I'm no football manager,but for the long term, whether it's Jose,Carlo,Andre or David Moyes in charge of the club,it will not work out long term unless the manager is in COMPLETE charge of team affairs,including ALL future transfers in & out of the club.

Get the right man in charge,give him the tools/support to do the job, then leave him the feck alone to get on with it!.

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May Frank & I use your boat for a year?

I no longer consider Frank to be worthy of your affections, Gem, since Shelley's shocking revelations about his idea of a good barbecue.

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The Question

Where do you really want us to move to?

The Advice

Treat CPO with more respect!

f**k the CPO, holding us back as far as I'm concerned. Unless we get a bigger ground we will never move on to the next step.

Wake up FFS

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