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Anne Williams - a plea in peace from one place to another


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Hi.Firstly I come in peace and given where my support lies I will take any abuse although you all seem a nice bunch so there won't be any (ahem).

As you may already be aware, Anne Williams has been diagnosed with cancer and its terminal. There is no reversal. She is now in a hospice in Southport and still, whilst in need of rest and recovery, is pushing her case to get the inquest for her son Kevin going.


Anne herself, whilst she should be recovering, has been using Twitter to try and get things going. She's been at this stage where the Attorney General has had all the evidence three times without progression. Read that again. Three times

I don’t ask as a Red on the other side of Football with an angle of solidarity as already shown so brilliantly by football forums when Hillsborough's truth broke. I ask as a simple man of the world who feels a mother who lost her son and is now losing her life should have her lifelong battle for Kevin fulfilled.

Please could you promote the below petition on your site? We’re under a third of the way there. We just don’t know how long Anne has.

The below was written by a fellow Red and has been around some of the other forums. It may be too much, it may be too little but it is a start to hopefully getting Anne Williams some comfort and indeed justice.


Kindest regards and thanks in advance


petition link - https://submissions.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40925 - and sign for Anne.

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For me there should be no other reason to accelerate the inquest other than it being the right thing to do. The additional situation about Ann Williams just adds further tragedy to a story that has already witnessed an unbearable amount of it.

If it can be accelerated for the sake of Ann Williams then that simply proves that heels were going to be dragged where they shouldn't be.

I wish the very best to all those who suffered and hope that, one day, sooner rather than later, this whole terrible incident can finally be concluded on properly and honestly.

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Unashamed bump

The European Court of Human Rights dealt a slap in the face around the time of the 20th anniversary, with the now-hauntingly apt phrase "out of time".

Will it help? This is what Anne had to say on the matter

Anne Williams â€@annewilliams96

Your support is keeping me going Thank You, I never failed Our kevin the corrupt British legal system did, 3 Attorney Generals in the past.

Keep the petition going it will have to be debated if it reaches 100,000 thank you everyone for supporting me, JUSTICE FOR ALL

Again I can only thank the people on this forum for all the ongoing support and signing

Kindest regards


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