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This is what I hope happens


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Roman Abramovic has been relaxing in the Carribean since before Xmas, so he will come back to London in a few weeks in a great mood. He will realise how important Lampard and Cole are to us, and therefore sign them up on his return with Lampard agreeing to take a half cut in wages. Abramovic will then make an offer of Torres + money with Real Madrid to bring higuain to Chelsea. Roman will talk to R.Madrid about Real and Chelsea's futures, while offering Real a deal to bring Mourihno back while Real take Benitez. Chelsea will lose another league game, then get a draw in another, then Man Utd will lose to Real madrid in the Champs League and their confidence will show in the League as they end up losing 3-4 games on the trot while Chelsea start winning and it becomes a race between Man City and Chelsea for the title.


Demba Ba will start to hit it form and we will get to the Final of the F.A cup final where Ba scores a hat trick to win us the cup. The title race ends up being a close one between Man city, Chelsea, and Man Utd. Man Utd finally catch up and get into second place as Chelsea lead the premier league race by 2 points. In the end we win the league by just 4 points while being a edge of your seat last game with us down 1-0 against Everton at home, then coming back to score 1 in the first, then 2 in the second half in the last 20 minutes. We win the League and F.A cup and Fans will end up torn between keeping Benitez and bringing in Mourinho, but in the end Mourihno and Higuain will join us in the summer. 

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THIS IS WHAT I HOPE HAPPENS.........(tongue in cheek)..........I wake up and really am going to pick my kids up from clacton and make our way to our wembley date with Bradford......Wow...Were in the FA CUP final too against MIllwall..........Seriously speaking , which most of you know is hard for me to accomplish, i hope that we win the Europa cup as i feel that even though its not the greatest thing to win, it will go a little way of healing this club and fans...I dont think we ll retain the FA CUP but am hopefull of a fun filled semi....I hope Ba is played often and feel for the player and the club FT moves on with thanks for his efforts and we bring in a tough young proven goalscorer to aid and abet BA.....I hope to say cheerio to Rafa, and welcome back Mourinho.....I hope something happens and Frank stays 2 years longer....I hope the architects and surrounding areas say yes to putting an extra tier above the North and southstands.......I hope they let us have a pub to do as we like opposite the fulham rd station....I hope ill be fit enough for us v spurs n west ham....

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