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Continuing in my all-consuming hatred for Liverpool, for what reason has Gerrard won England player of the year for 2012? The guy had one good match and the media then tends to overlook the dismal attacking display in all the other games and still worship 'Saint Stevie'. Whose meant to be dictating the midfield and attack, that's right, him.


If we were doing this based on club form though then surely the award should go to Cole for the end of last season, Lampard for still scoring at a rate Gerrard will never again achieve, Baines for developing into a brilliant player or possibly Rooney as well. #alwayssecondbest.

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Based on the year I thought the stand out player was JT ... but could never say it out load because I will be laughed at... but the fact before he told the FA he had enough of them he was Englands best player.


Gerrard is a joke really, but not much else to chose from I supose. On balance Ashley, Lamps, Johnson, Defoe (coming off the bench of course to grab a goal) have been as good if not better.


I assume they are judging by the Euro 2012 perfomrance, if that is the case, Andy Carroll had just as few good moments as Gerrard and one amazing header. The Welbeck comes from his scuffed back heel thing, pathetic also. In fact if memory serves me correctly the only player to come out of that tournement with head held high was JT.




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Ah Stephen Gerrard for England, constantly losing the ball in the midfield, leaving a massive gap behind him, trying his "Hollywood passes" that make him look good but are near impossible to control and his mysterious 3 day injuries that occur whenever England had a friendly (although he can't get away with this since becoming captain).

The Italy game just highlighted the problems Gerrard causes for England, even when he isn't forcing other midfielders out of position by his lack of position discipline.

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