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  1. Agreed, I thought he looked good at the start of the season but his cameo roles have been pretty shocking really. Don't think he's up to the physical side of the League anymore and think he'd struggle even in a low block with a lower league club. Got absolutely nothing to prove though.
  2. Agreed, look at what he's done with our current WB's. We shouldn't condemn anyone at this stage, let Conte do his stuff in pre-season
  3. Couldn't be more dissapointed in how he's played since January. Prime Drogba for the first half of the year, Torres from 2011 with anger issues for the rest of it. I'd bench him for Spurs, Michy can't be any worse and we can try him out in a game that won't affect the League table
  4. If Costa plays both games for Spain, I'd be tempted to start him against Palace at home. Michy will be on the bench most likely behind Lukaku, and just say that Costa needs the rest for Man City.
  5. At a guess, Michy is the long-term successor for Costa as his peak should be around the time Costa begins to deteriorate (in theory). We won't need to worry about whether or not Llorente needs minutes for development, and he'll probably prefer winning trophies on more money in London than a relegation scrap with Swansea. With Ake potentially about to break into the first-team, collective faith in the loan system could be rejuvenated as more than just endless trips to Vitesse.
  6. I'd still like to see him at some point in a 352 with Kante/Matic covering him. Get him driving through the middle with Costa/Hazard to play off
  7. I love him, but my one issue with him is how long he takes to make subs. There was no need to have 2 DM's on for so long, Kante & Pedro should have both been replaced far earlier.
  8. I'm really bothered by those slanted stands at the top
  9. They came in for Robben didn't they? I thought he disliked the physicality of the league and therefore wanted out.
  10. Nigeria didn't qualify for ACON, so he's staying with us.
  11. He's the Churchill of football. Brash, insulting, charismatic and amazing in war time but terrible in peace. Always needs an enemy be it Wenger/Benitez/UEFA/FA/Eva/Water Bottle
  12. Best bit of the night was that INCREDIBLE knee slide
  13. I thought he was useless in both halves...aside from that stunning turn/finish
  14. I will say, though, what was he thinking with those subs? Unless he was injured, Hazard should have stayed on to help retain possession and look for space in behind Spurs as they pushed, and Ivanovic...I thought he was going CB with Azpi coming wide, looked really shaky as he clearly can't play wide anymore.
  15. Thank heavens he missed that tackle on Traore yesterday, that would have been a nailed on yellow if he had connected
  16. Despite the City ordeal, I am & he's my favourite player of all time :)
  17. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2016/11/14/chelsea-to-offer-frank-lampard-role-at-stamford-bridge-if-he-ann/ So fed up of hearing about this overhyped fat boy, he's only here because of his dad/uncle/cousin
  18. Somebody please make a Vote Pedro shirt with his face on it in blue
  19. Part of the problem is he keeps getting moved around, he's been a B2B in the youth side, Mourinho played him as a DM & Conte's been playing him piecemeal as a striker or N.10. Keep in mind Chalobah has played 100 senior games and I think RLC should join the loan army with someone that will play him consistently in the same position wherever it is.
  20. From what I gather: Azpi, Luiz, Cahill Moses Alonso Kante, Matic Willian Hazard Costa
  21. Agreed that things are hardly apocalyptic & not as bad as last year, just that the problems are so glaringly obvious to anyone with the slightest look into the club. Yes us fans aren't privy to behind the scenes elements, but there's a bunch of very obvious problems. There's a reason that seemingly no other team in the world plays with an inverted full back (barring an injury crisis), has their number 10 picked for how well he tracks back, etc. However, the biggest problem we face is that the club is not a meritocracy.
  22. Someone on Twitter suggested playing him in place of Matic with Kante/Fabregas in a midfield 3, with Zouma/Terry behind them, could work
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