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What players from Scotland have played for Chelsea ?


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When I was a youngster in the 1960s and 70's I had the impression there were a FEW Scots playing for Chelsea.

Now I remember Charlie Cooke and Eddy McCreadie...

Any others ?

BTW I am half English/Half Scotish !

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Tom Boyd

Peter Buchannan

Craige Burley

Jock Cameron

Bobby Campbell

Steve Clark

Warren Cummings

Gordon Durie

Bobby Evans

Hughie Gallacher

Tommy Law

David Speedie

Jon Spencer...........there's only one Jonny Spencer icon_wink.gif

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OK here's a few others:

Mel Scott 1957-1962

Bobby Evans 1961

Tommy Docherty (yes really) 1961 4 games

John Boyle 1964-1974

George Graham 1964-67

Tommy Knox 1962-65

Jim McCalliog 1964-66

Jim Thomson 1965-67

Billy Sinclair 1965 only played 1 game

Paul McMillan 1967 only played 1 game

Steve Finnieston 1974-78

Ian Britton 1972-82

Eamonn Bannon 1978-80

Tony McAndrew 1982-84

David Speedie 1982-87

Gordon Durie 1985-91

Derek Johnstone 1983-85

Duncan Shearer 1985-86

Les Fridge 1985-86

JOhn McNaught 1985-88

Billy Dodds 1986-89

Joe McLaughlin 1983-89 (his wife works for my company)

Kevin McAllister 1985-91

Tom Boyd 1991-92

John Spencer 1992-97

Andy Dow 1993-96

David Hopkin 1992-95

Dave Mitchell 1988-91

Steve Hampshire 1997

Steve Clarke - still with us

Craig Burley 1990-97

Many others but that'll do for now

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Few more - Stewart Houston, Tommy Hughes, Jock Finnieston, Duncan McKenzie.

Chelsea fielded 8 Scots in one match back in the eighties!

Watford at home 85/86, last game of the season, a match best forgotten about - we lost 1-5!

Team that day (Scots in blue): -

Les Fridge

Darren Wood (John McNaught)

Joe McLaughlin

John Millar

Doug Rougvie

Keith Jones

Kevin McAllister

Nigel Spackman

Gordon Durie

David Speedie

Paul Canoville

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Never saw him play but no-ones mentioned Charlie Cooke!! Shame on you sign0195.gif

Another scot in the 70's FA cup winning side was John Boyle

Charlie was mentioned in the initial post, as was Eddie Mac! icon_lol.gif

I was lucky enough to see Charlie play many times, and he was a better player than Wee Pat - a magician when he had the ball at his feet.

Don't want to seem pedantic, but Johnny Boyle wasn't in the 70 FA Cup winning side, though he was in the first team squad.

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