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From what I can gather the Apple Watch is considered a bit of a flop.


I almost bought an Android smartwatch last year but then I came to my senses. I want less interruptions and notifications, not more. Also, I know I would soon get fed up with having another device to charge every night.

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I don't have one, but my wife does.  SHe bought it, and returned it, then regretted returning it.


However, having said that, my wife works where her hands are busy all day, so for texting etc she thinks it is great.  Text comes in, and she can tilt her watch toward her and read the texts, then dictate into her watch to reply.  So, in her instance, it is handy.  She also wears it when taking the dog for walks as it records her steps.  For me, nah!  Prefer my watches swiss.

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A solution to a problem that never existed. Drains the battery on your phone, but saves you having to take it out of your pocket. Which is a massive effort....

I think the battery issue has been overstated. I've never really noticed a drain on my phone and the watch battery isn't too bad either. I charge my watch every two days which is about the same for my phone.

As I said before, I do like it. I've collected a large number of straps which I change regularly (3rd party ones as the Apple straps and very expensive) and I do change the faces regularly.

I couldn't recommend it to anyone else though as personally I wouldn't buy another one.

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I've got one and it is handy for my use. I do a lot of driving with my job so it is incredibly handy for texts etc. I also keep my phone on silent with no vibrate at all times so always usually miss phone calls. The watch vibrates and notifies me much more subtly, which is great for me. 


I personally would wait until September when i assume they'll bring out the second generation at their annual conference. 


Overall i would recommend.

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