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Rank Our Last 10 Seasons


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Thought this would be an interesting topic given the talk of how we've performed this season. How would people rank our last ten seasons in all competitions?

1 - 2016/17 (Conte's first season): In terms of overall season and how we played, this season was without a doubt my favourite. 09/10 comes close because of the amount of goals we scored on the way to winning the league but we were so dominant in Conte's first season. The performance against Everton is up there with one of the best I've ever watched in the Premier League.

2 - 2009/10 (Ancelotti's first season): What a team that was. Didn't get as many points as Conte's Chelsea but my god were we lethal. We scored above 6 goals in so many games that year with Drogba and Lampard sharing a massive handful. A very enjoyable season topped off with winning the double.

3 - 2011/12 (AVB/Di Matteo) In terms of overall enjoyment along with winning the Champions League and the FA Cup, I would put this third. Winning the Champions League was massively special and beating Liverpool in the final of the FA Cup was fantastic as well however our league form was so poor that season. Could be controversial putting that third.

4 - 2014/15 (Mourinho's second season) Dominated the league. Fantastic in the first half of the season but we had to grind it out in the second half and it wasn't necessarily the best to watch. Won the League Cup against Spurs which is always satisfying. Hazard was on another level that season and Mourinho kept things interesting... until the following season.

5 - 2013/14 (Mourinho's first season) The little horse season. Was probably the most interesting title race up until this season. We didn't end up winning anything but we played a pivotal part in which was a fantastic season for the Premier League by denying Liverpool their first in years. The win against PSG and all the top clubs in the PL that season was the notable achievement. Losing KDB and Salah has come back to haunt us many times though. Could be lower considering our long term future was harmed massively this season.

6 - 2018/19 (Sarri's first season) It's had it's ups and downs. I respect Sarri an awful lot for trying to get us to change our style of play and for taking criticism extremely well. Think at times he's been treated really poorly by our fans. He's had to work with a squad which is probably the worst in this whole list. If he leaves this season then I hope he succeeds wherever he goes. Deserved to win EL.

7 - 2012/13 (Di Matteo/Benitez) Was actually very excited for this particular season. Signing Hazard and Oscar to play alongside Mata was mouth watering but it became toxic with the sacking of RDM for Benitez. Ended up winning the Europa League which was a great achievement in my opinion.

8 - 2010/11 (Ancelotti's second season) Possibly a little bit harsh as we did finish 2nd that season. Ray Wilkins left as assistant and we seemed to completely collapse after that. Drogba was severely unwell during the season and we never semed to recover. Appalling decision to sack Ancelotti in the Everton changing rooms.

9 - 2017/18 (Conte's first season) Unlike the other 8 seasons on the list which had their high points, this was an utterly dreadful season. Losses in the manner we had against Newcastle, Watford and Bournemouth were completely unacceptable. Won the FA Cup which was a nice end to a tragic league campaign.

10 - 2015/16. (Mourinho/Hiddink) We finished 10th. Our best player and best striker came back from pre-season overweight. Our manager had a complete meltdown which led to him being sacked. Hiddink steading the ship (again) and stopped Spurs from winning the league which was hilarious.


That was quite difficult...

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Wow not sure I can actually do this, I’ll need some time to think.

I know my favourite season ever is 2009/10 but was that the best in the last decade? Hmm. Take 2011/12 we achieved our greatest success stye CL with an FA Cup to boot but in the league we were absolute to high. 14/15 I’d be tempted to put number one but the football that season wasn’t great post Christmas. 16/17 was great in the league but tainted by the defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup final after.

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Not sure I can yet will comment.

  • Di Matteo's was special for the CL though after that it went downhill.
  • Benitez got us playing some tikki taka football I actually liked, yet the bad feeling scuppered that.
  • JM's second spell was the Costa and Fab show not pretty yet Costa was a revelation that season.
  • Respected Conte's first season yet was never won over by his football.
  • The Ancelotti years my mum was dying from MND in her 60s so attention drifted. 
  • My favourite season was earlier when we first won the league under JM with Robben and Duff.


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1. 2009/10 - Incredible football played under Ancelotti and ridiculous amount of goals scored. 

2. 2016/17 - Conte's first season. Started a bit sh*t but was great from September (?) onwards.

3. 2014/15 - Title winning season under Mourinho. Some of the best football i've seen at Chelsea in the first half of the season. Had we not gone ultra-defensive and relied on Hazard to carry us over the line after the Spurs loss this would be top for me.

4. 2013/14 - Mourinho first season. If we had a striker i'm convinced we would have won the league. At least we stopped Lvierpool though.

5. 2018/19 - Sarriball. Played some lovely football at times and managed to finally see RLC and CHO get serious minutes. Knocked out both the Champions league finalists on the way to the cup final, only to lose to the best domestic side England has ever seen on penalties, then truly dominated Arsenal in a European cup final. Third place finish ain't too shabby either. 

6. 2011/12 - Not the prettiest season to watch but won the Champions league so comes ahead of the rest. 

7. 2012/13 - A lot of excitement going into this season and managed to see Hazard shine. The 'Mazacar' front 3 were a joy. Won the Europa league but also had to watch Benitez manage us. Highs and lows.

8. 2010/11 - Seems harsh putting this so low and probably should have kept Ancelotti a bit longer. This season genuinely seems like a bit of a blur to me. 

9. 2017/18 - Ruined everything we built in Conte's first season with him sulking. Having to watch Hazard wasted up top too, painful. 

10. 2015/16 - Proper dogsh*t. For this reason alone i never wanna see Mourinho back at Chelsea like is being rumoured.

Ranked from most enjoyable, to least. Looking at how we played, not necessarily what we won.

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Having a look back at the past 10 seasons and the points you people have put across.. It amazes me the stark contrast we have. 1 season we'd be amazing, and the next will be utterly embarrassing. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. 2016/2017 = Conte's first season and a spectacular title victory. My favourite season of the past decade.

2. 2014/2015 = Awesome season and loved seeing Jose win the title with us again.

3. 2011/2012 = Strange season, but winning the Champions League and FA Cup was brilliant.

4. 2009/2010 = Exciting style of football and Ancelotti did a great job winning us the double.

5. 2013/2014 = Trophyless season, but to have Jose back after six years was exciting for everyone. Played some great football along the way, but just fell short in some competitions.

6. 2012/2013 = Season of mixed feelings. Started really well with RDM, but then he was sacked and we had to deal with Benitez. Despite that, I liked the way our squad was developing and with Jose around the corner it kept the spirits of the supporter base up.

7. 2017/2018 = Started off reasonably well, but struggled in the second half of the year. Was happy to win the FA Cup at the end of it.

8. 2018/2019 = Won the Europa League and got a top 4 spot, but I wasn't overly impressed with Sarri and the way we were playing during the course of the season.

9. 2010/2011 = Dour season and being unable to replace Ballack, Cole and Carvalho adequately hurt us.

10. 2015/2016 = Terrible season after a great season the year before. Everyone struggled and losing Jose was traumatic at the time.

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1. 11/12 - Dour season in the league but the CL has to make it number 1 by default.

2. 16/17 - Most confident I've been in the team since the back to back titles.

3. 14/15 - Toss up between that and 09/10, 14/15 wins purely because we weren't as complacent and made easier work of seeing the title through.

4. 09/10 - Almost fantasy football at The Bridge come the end of the season.

5. 12/13 - Mainly due to the feel good factor at the beggining due to Hazard's arrival on top of being European Champions, and completing the set in Amsterdam.

6. 13/14 - Decent season and a stepping stone to becoming Champions a year later.

7. 18/19 - I feel a decent start into becoming a footballing side which hopefully we build on.

8. 17/18 - Decent first half of the season, brutal second.

9. 10/11 - Absolute gash after September.

10. 15/16 - Probably the biggest underperformance by any side in football history.

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