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Players drown their sorrows

The Moos
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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What a load of sh*t, thats not JT icon_lol.gif

Journo - "Can't find a story today boss, shall I start on Mclaren again"

Boss - "No good, he's yesterdays news, what about their captain, lets blame him for it aswell, and write some sh*t on him"

Journo - "Hey, that's why you're the boss! Any luck the other red tops will jump on it too"

Boss - "I've even got a picture of JT in a stripey top to use, jump around that strip joint tonight like a mug, keep your face off the camera, and we can get a great read"

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Yes, absolutely disgusting if true. With footballers being role models, I see no other option but to follow their example (more or less), for instance at the next CSR p*ss up 317.gif

Down boys, down... I did say "more or less", and I was thinking less (except for the booze obviously).....

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