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  1. Superb performance from Mikel today,very assured.
  2. Good player and a lot more to come from him imo
  3. This boy is pure class.He has suffered a dip in form this season but i have no doubt he will come out of that.Jose will manage him right Exciting things to come from Eden imo.
  4. Listening to Torres speak on tv he totally understands the squad use under Jose.He is now playing with confidence and belief but understands that the team will still be rotated.He is our number one striker but i think Eto and to a lesser extent Ba will also score goals.I really hope Torres continues in this vein as he is a joy to watch.We have a fantastic squad and manager but some of our supporters still have that glass is half full attitude which borders on being spoilt.
  5. Lets get behind the lad.He has regained confidence and looks very good.The header that hit the bar was superb.Great performance indeed.
  6. Hope he has a speedy recovery.With youth on his side i am sure he will bounce back.All the best Marco.
  7. Fantastic player just having a dip in form at the moment.Class is permanent,so no worries from me.
  8. I would just like to say good luck this season Fernando.
  9. Superb last night and becoming a valued member of the squad.
  10. Good post Star(fancy forgetting Oscar though)We all cried out for Jose,now we start questioning him so soon.Glad he is manager and not some of the posters on here.Willian is a great addition and i welcome him to the club.Shame Spurs missed out lol
  11. Any player wearing a Chelsea shirt gets my support,including Torres.
  12. I am hoping this can be the season that Torres shines.Mourinho will get the best out of him i am sure.
  13. If Fernando Torres is still a Chelsea player next season he will get my support as all Chelsea players do ffs

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