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  1. This is the reason why I've switched off this season. We are truly pathetic, even if we do miraculously win this one against the third from the bottom. I've given up months ago, but for chance thinking we could have a some kind of revitalisation with this match -I am so sorry to have bothered. We are useless and I do welcome all the criticism we deserve. Take a hike Sarri, have no respect for you nor Roman who chucked out Conte.
  2. After a terrific start to the season, we have now lost the plot. Will be travelling extensively during the festive season. Glad to know I won't be stressed with not being able to watch our team.
  3. What an incredible game! This is the Chelsea that we know and love. Pity the loss to Wolves. Nevertheless, it reins in City some and gives us some hope even though we're 8 points adrift at the top.
  4. Dreadful appalling result. We've lost it for the season if we play like this against lower ranked teams. Truly dreadful.
  5. After our Europa success mid-week and given our record against Fulham, I have full confidence for a win. Go get 'em yr blues!
  6. What on earth were we not doing? Playing. We didn't show up and it looked like we were a hungover team. Switched off and so am I.
  7. What a useless result especially at home. 2nd half same as the 1st. Lacking in energy and coordination. Too bad as we've extended this unbeaten run. Draws don't do us any favours especially against these types of games.
  8. Not a terribly good performance as you'd expect us to be at. Passing is off target for the most part. We do look tired, hence the sloppy tackling.
  9. Time to break this poor record. It will happen today! C'mon ya BLUES! ALL THE WAY!!!!!
  10. Hopefully this weekend will result in a win for us AND a win for the Spuds. Great chance for us to put a bit of pressure on City.
  11. Really, what an end to the match. All the drama of this highly anticipated fixture. My analysis is this: we sucked most of the match, but particularly the second half where we fell asleep for the most part until the 95th minute. Did we have any shots on target the whole match, other than the goals? I really think Alonso's antics cost us the points we should have brought home. Our passing first half was first rate, but the second, we kept completely off the pace and allowed Manure to take control. It's almost as if a pact is formed between Mou and the team: you play my style first half and if it doesn't work, you guys do as you wish. This strategy worked sterlingly well during the second. Our equaliser was a gift and we were lucky. We really deserved to lose this one. Just mind boggling our play for the most part. A most appalling result in a game we should have won quite comfortably.
  12. This and every game in the PL is a must win. Competition is tough and the margin for error minute. Tonight, however, marks the duel between the other two top teams. We drew against Liverpool at home and the City match at Anfield makes it much more important for a win at St. Mary's, where we have a decent record. Am hoping for a draw on the other game and a win for us. Go get 'em yer BLUES!
  13. We look tired. Again the Hammers frustrate us. What is it that they have against us?
  14. Well, this will certainly be a tricky one for us. Hoping it will be a Hazard/Grioud combo. They seem to work a good partnership. COME ON YE BLUES!
  15. What a hectic schedule of games from this one to the end of the month. Can't see this game as our priority.

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