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  1. Alonso is just as good going forward as Moses and he's also a better defender. If one of them is to be replaced I'm betting it will be Moses.
  2. I think he'll replace Moses, had my doubt about Alonso at first but I feel like he's making that LWB spot his own. I do agree that as soon as zouma is fully fit with match fitness back up to scratch he needs to be back in the team.
  3. Completely agree. Last season he looked a showdow of the player we have seen this year (touch wood). Possibly due to confidence? Conte has obviously shown faith in him and it has worked wonders. I mean, he's keeping Willian out of the team and that shows how well he's playing.
  4. Love it LOL. All jokes aside though, surely with him being a want away striker in recent times and being left out at Leicester, these rumours should cause concern? Realistically, who could genuinely replace him at the moment? Especially during a january transfer window.
  5. What are people thoughts on the proposed new look for Stamford bridge? Personally I'm still undecided.
  6. sorry but I disagree. Costas form warrants dropping. And the whole refusing to warm up properly and throwing his bib is rather embarrassing. He's not acting like someone who wants to pull on a blue shirt.

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