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  1. Maybe. Possibly he tried to manage that risk by giving him less minutes (from the bench) and it backfired, but this game should never have taken place and that pitch put our entire squad in danger.
  2. If he kicks a ball in a Chelsea shirt before Christmas then his comeback has gone ok.
  3. Why are people blaming Sarri?! Got to go upstairs to point the fingers for this one. You'll find that it's full of people who don't 'get' football.
  4. The only way fans will reach acceptance with Sarri is if he becomes the conduit for young players to find their way into the first team. If we are say, in top 6 next season, but starting with Hudson-Odoi, Loftus Cheek, Christensen and (by way of circumstances) Tammy Abraham (with maybe Reece James and Ampadu featuring enough so that they're not being neglected), and you can see that as a team, we are growing and developing into something good, then I think we as a fanbase would accept that. However, unless he 'grows' too, his in-game management will always prevent us from truly challenging.
  5. We can keep Sarri in charge for weeks or years, but we'll still get bested when it comes to the crunch. Not up to it, sadly.
  6. Rory's gone rogue and needs to be reined in.
  7. It's like he's the award winning drivetime presenter on Capital and then the Radio 1 Breakfast Show job comes up - and he's their choice. Nothing to do with money, it's about ambition and stature. All we can do is appreciate the player he's been for us, enjoy the month or so left and wish him all the best.
  8. A terrible, clueless board appointed the wrong man. All of them need to go. Even with the transfer ban, the future will be brighter with them not around.
  9. Golden opportunity wasted again. He needs to go asap, because we're just wasting our time otherwise.
  10. Let him go. Get good money for him and let's see how he fares at Bayern. They're expecting him to be their Jadon Sancho. That's a hell of a lot of pressure on him and if he falls short, they won't hesitate to replace him.
  11. Morata better be gone by the weekend, because we won't be getting anyone else in while he's still here.
  12. A striker is needed. Desperately. And whoever decided to turn down £60m for Willian should hand their notice in. A truly terrible decision in every way.
  13. The 1998-99 Chelsea team is better was better placed to win the title than the Chelsea team of today. That season we should have won the tile, but suffered huge amounts of bad luck and misfortune during the season. It's crazy when you look back and think they were still in the title race until the penultimate game.

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