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  1. Did Everton offer actual money for Zouma? That won't happen again...
  2. Spending £300m to win the Europa League and falling out with half the Manchester United squad is now being painted as a major success. Staggering amount of revisionism in the papers about The Special Once. I had his card marked years ago, but it's amazing how it's taken some Chelsea fans this long to see Mourinho for what he is.
  3. He's done as an elite manager and any chairman appointing him now is being influenced by the memory of what he was 15 years ago and not what he is now; a charlatan, a snake, a sh*tehawk and a fraud. He'll get the odd result along the way to hoodwink people, maybe even against us or Man Utd, but eventually some way or another, he'll find a way of sinking both himself and Spurs and it will be wonderful to watch.
  4. This is a good thing, surely? He's stepping up and not shirking. Morata swapping to the '29' shirt was just an admission of defeat. Of course, it really only counts if Willian does it on the pitch, but he's always seemed to me like a player that's thrived with added responsibility (2017 FA Cup Semi Final against Spurs springs to mind).
  5. He pretty much had this experience last season. Now he needs proper game time.
  6. I'm convinced Sarri didn't know how to unlock his secret level.
  7. It's down to the next man in charge, but for £35m, it would be a yes from me. Should be looking to shift Bakayoko and Drinkwater out the door if it happens though.
  8. 4th should be the aim. Top 6 will be more than acceptable.
  9. The ticket is Lampard + Jody Morris. That's why it makes sense, given the position we are in and the prospects we have. It's a brave move, and it's a risk but the rewards could be great over time and I'd applaud the board for taking this gamble (if they do).
  10. Time to sell was last summer. He'll probably start the season on the left and might fare a little better out there, but I'm not expecting miracles.
  11. Legend. Not even a debate. Real Madrid are getting a special player.
  12. Not on the list, but Zorres. Pretty much won us the Europa League. But sometimes he took that mask off and suddenly became bang average.
  13. Maybe. Possibly he tried to manage that risk by giving him less minutes (from the bench) and it backfired, but this game should never have taken place and that pitch put our entire squad in danger.
  14. If he kicks a ball in a Chelsea shirt before Christmas then his comeback has gone ok.

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