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  1. AFTV has better season finale than Game of Thrones ?
  2. Higuain or Morata? I can't decide who is worse.
  3. Our stats on Sunday: Passes: 681 Shots: 2 On target: 0 We are playing so frustrating football it's physically painful to watch.
  4. A month ago I was at the Bridge for the first time when we beat spurs and It was amazing! Tonight I was 2500 miles away from the Bridge when we beat spurs and It was amazing! Man it feels soooo good to beat tottenham, no matter the distance, the time of the season or the competition
  5. New day guys. Let's start the week in a positive way. Call me crazy if you want to, but I believe we are going to get our revenge in the cup final. Not because we are better team, but because I know that our players can beat any team if they are determined enough. They showed it against Spurs and the first match against City. And they must show it on Wembley after yesterday's performance. Keep your chins up guys! CTID

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