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  1. He played against Shrewsbury and was on the winning side recently don’t know how he played though
  2. Struggled on loan at Shrewsbury in the same league last year and got sent back without making an impression
  3. I think there’s more to the bargain transfer than meets the eye. If he does go for that I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if there’s a 50 mil buy back clause in it or something similar. So Madrid can buy him back when Marcelo leaves if he carries on with this trajectory but swerve it if he flops. Imagine if he succeeded then Madrid buys him back and we end up having to spend more money on chilwell and have to integrate another player into the system? It’s purely a guess but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this is the case, when the rumoured clubs are Everton, Leicester, Sevi
  4. I think it makes sense short term so we can go big on a central defender next season. Training with a guy like him might push rudiger to become who he was before this season (see Luiz playing for Brazil with or without him). We should be able to go big for giminez or someone else next summer Without pushing a panic buy this season but have a leader who is still a top defender for a season or two.
  5. centre backs which could improve most sides available who would be available are few and far between. Koulibaly, Giminez and Romagnoli off the top of my head? There’s centre backs with “potential” but no one who screams going to be a monster. If Chelsea got havertz then I’m not sure how much money would be left available and a keeper and a left back seem more pressing. I know he’s taller than Dave but if we were happy to play a smaller centre back I’d prefer to stick to the current contingent before going big for giminez or romagnoli next summer. With one of them I’d think rudiger
  6. I think England's problem last night was playing both Henderson and Rice who both do a similar job but aren't mobile or have the skill set to play possession football. This meant that the defender's didn't have anyone in midfield looking for the ball. The players you have highlighted though I wouldn't say are overrated at all and wouldn't mind any of them (bar maybe trippier, as we have Dave and James) playing in Chelsea blue
  7. Hudson odoi came on against Brighton and looked direct assisted willians goal which killed the game off, he then came on against Lille and set up the winner so justified his place in the starting eleven against Southampton where he assisted the first goal. Not to forget our assistant manager was Hudson odois manager at youth level so he knows his game inside out in training and on the pitch. Pulisic didn't impress me when he played against Sheffield United, Grimsby, Norwich or Leicester. So it's not like he hasn't been given an opportunity. If he keeps coming off the
  8. If you were to tell me after last season that we would be in contention for top three (which we are) in the league cup final, stormed the Europa League group stages and still be in the fa cup come February I'd have bitten your hand off. Pep only just got top four in his first season when city were adjusting to his tactics. One bad day doesn't make a team. Look at the positives which last night aside there is quite a few
  9. He should be back up to Kante and jorginio. Another midfielder (Isco/Saul/Coutinho type) who can rotate with Loftus Cheek. This is where the system is breaking down you've got a tidy link from goalkeeper to defence to midfield and no one is linking midfield to attack. So they slow it down and then get exposed on the counter. We need a more attack minded midfielder
  10. I doubt it will happen for a couple of years but Gilmour looks like he can play the regista
  11. Don't think he's Barcelona bound as Messi is very close to Lopez. Maybe it's the two Madrid clubs
  12. It's why I'd change the cumulative fouls rule that if one player is fouled more than twice whoever is the last person who fouled him gets booked.. It will change systematic hacking of the oppositions main threat
  13. I agree with Valerie, you're entitled to your opinion about a player but to insult a player is an annoyance about football.
  14. I know these things are often oversold but the world cup has always been won by a coach of the same nationality as the team. I think part of the reason Southgate has done well is he's passed on his experience and passion when playing for England
  15. That's a double edged sword. Yes I don't necessarily think he's the greatest tactician out there and I think he isn't pro active with his subs; Croatia is my main point with that one. However he is the first manager since hoddle that has been a tactician. Unless we could get Howe in, and I'm not convinced he's an improvement, I don't see who's a better shout.
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