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  1. Oh definitely! There was a time when I thought he could be a yaya toure in midfield for us. His injuries did stop him in his tracks
  2. If we get hakimi, rice and haaland then the formation will look like it’s 343 but might actually be more like a 4-4-2 hakimi right midfield Mount left midfield with haaland up front with either Werner or havertz and James would be a right back. All ifs buts and maybes but it would certainly be flexible
  3. I think he has a lot of good attributes but nothing special. He’s quick across the ground when he builds up speed but not explosive acceleration and not world class delivery so isn’t suited to a winger. Got decent passing but not mobile enough to be a central midfielder. Hasn’t got the killer instinct of a striker even though he’s a decent finisher. He hasn’t got the defensive ability to play defensive midfielder either. He’s a very good footballer but hasn’t got stand out attributes to nail a position. I’d say going forward he either needs to reimagine himself to be a deep lying playmaker or
  4. I think it’s an American phrase. Big game player essentially
  5. Yes, Dave was stupid but greilish should have been in the book for 2 fouls previous to this. Referee played on with both tackles and didn’t pull him back. If he had have been booked he wouldn’t have made the tackle so Dave wouldn’t have been in that position. The other thing is that greilish positioned himself so Dave couldn’t get up and take the free kick, he was just pushing him off. It was as a result of bad refereeing
  6. If the front line needs looking at and we can’t get haaland or Kane I’d prefer to get rid of ziyech and get either sancho or Martinez in and play havertz as a number 9. We’d need a centre back and a holding midfielder as well but if we went with a back four and played holding midfielder kante/kovacic mount/Gallagher sancho/Hudson Odoi werner/pulisic havertz I can see it being similar to Man City this season where we don’t have a focal point who will score all the goals but 3 or 4 players who can score 10-15 goals each. Maybe a less high profile
  7. I’m not saying he’s a bad player, I actually like him but as the deepest midfielder the fact that they lost the game kind of makes my point. On the ball as a recycler he’s brilliant but he has flaws defensively. Makelele and Busquets are brilliant examples of this. Good on the ball great football intelligence and defensively brilliant in they protect the defence out of possession. I also find your kepa comment funny, not a dig at you by the way, as he was himself approved by sarri as he was good with the ball at his feet and would allow us to play out from the back, even though his primar
  8. I really rate him too and if we didn’t have Werner then I’d prefer Martinez out of the two of them. Despite Werners struggles though he’s still a good player and I think he still very much has a place in the team.
  9. When he’s good he’s very good, when he’s bad he’s appalling. I think he relies on others a lot too, in the champions league run kante was a monster and as a result gave Jorginho space, options and time. Against Villa him and kovacic gave each other none of those things. It’s a similar story when he plays for Italy barella and verratti give him those three things. When they are stripped from him he struggles. It’s something he’ll never be able to do but he’ll never be able to recover from a mistake so when he makes them it’s bad. Mikel played a similar way to him but he could allow himself time
  10. I don’t know too much either, the champions league games I saw (Juventus and us) chancel mbemba, formally of Newcastle I think, was preferred at CB to him. However Pepe plays lcb and with Sarr being left footed this may be the reason. I appreciate it’s not really a legitimate concern but it still worries me.
  11. Great striker but in the timo mould IMO, if we didn’t have Werner then it would make a lot more sense. I guess it all depends on systems. If we played with a diamond with 2 up top then havertz Martinez and Timo would work well all moving about the front line. But with a back three you would be putting Mount in a midfield two or dropping him or havertz. He’s not a striker but someone which makes perfect sense to me is Rice, rumours were that Lampard had eyes on converting him into a cb and whilst I wouldn’t do that; if we went to a back four with him at the base of midfield then without po
  12. Only seems sensible if a marquee striker doesn’t come in and Chelsea play with Mount in a midfield three. There’s a lot of ifs and buts there but having Werner, Sancho, pulisic and Hudson odoi as the options on the wings looks exciting it’s whether you can keep them all happy
  13. If we’re to sign a midfielder I would want a defensive dominating midfielder like rice or locatelli. Verratti is quality but similar to kova and Gilmour who we already own. I guess it depends on formations next season but if it’s a midfield 2 and we sign rice then we have kante, rice, kova and Gilmour and that’s if Jorginho does leave which is more balanced than signing verratti.
  14. I’d much rather gravenberch from Ajax than this guy got more pace from what I’ve seen
  15. Haven’t seen a lot of him admittedly but haalands replacement at rb Salzburg is a player called Daka. His numbers this season (I know it’s not a strong league) are frightening, 5 assists and 23 goals in 19 appearances. He’s 22 years old as well
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