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  1. I’d much rather gravenberch from Ajax than this guy got more pace from what I’ve seen
  2. Haven’t seen a lot of him admittedly but haalands replacement at rb Salzburg is a player called Daka. His numbers this season (I know it’s not a strong league) are frightening, 5 assists and 23 goals in 19 appearances. He’s 22 years old as well
  3. Back 3 back 4 it doesn’t really matter if azpi of James is the rcb. I think tuchel has done very well selecting a couple of key players that can play different positions so he can switch the formation mid game. It’s more obvious when James is at “wingback” but the atletico game for example with Hudson odoi as a wing back at times looked like we were playing 4-2-3-1.
  4. I couldn’t work out whether or not I was impressed, he seemed to dominate midfield and look awkward at the same time. I thought he was man of the match but he’s not someone I’d get excited over signing.
  5. If, and I know it’s a big if, Werner starts taking his chances he would be getting those numbers. If we carry on with this formation then pulisic, Hudson odoi and Mount have the potential to be a player who could hit near those numbers but if he goes 4-3-3 and has Mount as another midfielder just ahead of kovacic and Jorginho then he could pitch in with a few goals. I also think that havertz can get a few more goals than firmino does for Liverpool.
  6. there’s a few players that I think deserve a mention here. I think, in England people don’t necessarily appreciate just how good veron was because of his form here. guti was a magnificent player to watch pablo aimar was a genius on the ball Then there’s the “gritty” midfielders who are under appreciated as footballers, gattuso, de Rossi, Dennis wise are all examples of this
  7. The compilation of his misses this season can be seen as bad or good. Bad, he doesn’t seem to have composure and can’t hit a barn door. Good, he’s getting brilliant chances and if he can find that killer instinct he’d be up there for the golden boot. I thought that, despite he should have scored twice tonight, he was impressive the movement and pressing he got through was very good. If he can just bring it all together
  8. Brilliant display tonight! The front three looked so fluid. Kovacic and Jorginho were impressive again, and kante had a great cameo. The defence, especially Christensen, looked very secure. We beat a side in great form by scoring 2 with a clean sheet and if Werner topped it off by scoring the chances he should have buried it would have been perfect.
  9. Brilliant tonight! What a performance! I loved how fluid the attack was, the front three all looking to pick out pockets of space one drops in another runs in behind. Maybe we have found a formation that suits both havertz, Werner and Mount.
  10. Immense tonight, looked in control at all times. I am happy to admit I always used to gulp when I saw him in the team or coming on but he’s been fantastic since silva got injured.
  11. He hasn’t been great this season but a bit of a left field shout could be maxi gomez bit of a throwback striker but is physical and would be a cheaper alternative.
  12. It makes sense if we’ve given up on ziyech. Werner, Sancho, pulisic and Hudson odoi rotating with each other looks good in theory but with ziyech in there as well where do all these players fit in. The other huge question mark is Havertz, where does tuchel see his best position? Will he look to go for the 4-3-3 with havertz and Mount as two box to box midfielders with someone sitting in behind or does he see him as a false 9 in competition with Mount? If he sees him as a winger then I don’t think Sancho would be a signing which makes sense
  13. He played against Shrewsbury and was on the winning side recently don’t know how he played though
  14. Struggled on loan at Shrewsbury in the same league last year and got sent back without making an impression
  15. I think there’s more to the bargain transfer than meets the eye. If he does go for that I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if there’s a 50 mil buy back clause in it or something similar. So Madrid can buy him back when Marcelo leaves if he carries on with this trajectory but swerve it if he flops. Imagine if he succeeded then Madrid buys him back and we end up having to spend more money on chilwell and have to integrate another player into the system? It’s purely a guess but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if this is the case, when the rumoured clubs are Everton, Leicester, Sevi
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