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  1. If you were to tell me after last season that we would be in contention for top three (which we are) in the league cup final, stormed the Europa League group stages and still be in the fa cup come February I'd have bitten your hand off. Pep only just got top four in his first season when city were adjusting to his tactics. One bad day doesn't make a team. Look at the positives which last night aside there is quite a few
  2. He should be back up to Kante and jorginio. Another midfielder (Isco/Saul/Coutinho type) who can rotate with Loftus Cheek. This is where the system is breaking down you've got a tidy link from goalkeeper to defence to midfield and no one is linking midfield to attack. So they slow it down and then get exposed on the counter. We need a more attack minded midfielder
  3. I doubt it will happen for a couple of years but Gilmour looks like he can play the regista
  4. Don't think he's Barcelona bound as Messi is very close to Lopez. Maybe it's the two Madrid clubs
  5. Surprised there's not a thread on this already. He's one of my favourite footballers, he may not be a Terry, Lampard or Drogba as a legend but on shear technical ability and enjoyment of watching the game he's up there for me. If there's no other reason to love the bloke Hazard has said that he is a massive reason why he joined Chelsea. Enjoy your retirement Joe Cole thank you for playing for Chelsea and the memories.
  6. I'd prefer romagnoli if we were buying naturally left footed but would be harder to get I'd imagine
  7. It's why I'd change the cumulative fouls rule that if one player is fouled more than twice whoever is the last person who fouled him gets booked.. It will change systematic hacking of the oppositions main threat
  8. Makes little to no sense, what does he offer that Giroud won't? It's a no from me.
  9. I agree with Valerie, you're entitled to your opinion about a player but to insult a player is an annoyance about football.
  10. Named after Franks mum (I'm not crying, you are)
  11. Yes there's not a lot of quality out there and I can only think of about 3 or 4 options off the top of my head. Take a chance to convert martial into a false 9 but would united sell to us? Icardi is the closest thing to proven out there (and he's a leader) but is he intricate enough to work in Saris system. Werner seems to have a lot of hype but having only seen him at the world cup is that all there is to it, hype? And then there's working with what we've got going on loan again seems like Sari isn't keen on batshuayi and how much time can you give to moratta before cutting the losses
  12. I don't know this but I suspect we pulled out when we found out kovacic was available.
  13. I know these things are often oversold but the world cup has always been won by a coach of the same nationality as the team. I think part of the reason Southgate has done well is he's passed on his experience and passion when playing for England
  14. That's a double edged sword. Yes I don't necessarily think he's the greatest tactician out there and I think he isn't pro active with his subs; Croatia is my main point with that one. However he is the first manager since hoddle that has been a tactician. Unless we could get Howe in, and I'm not convinced he's an improvement, I don't see who's a better shout.
  15. I think the first choice is pretty much kovacic jorginho and kante. Kovacic covers for when jorginho isn't available /fit which gives Loftus Cheek and barkley plenty of minutes. The only concern I have is that there isn't a natural replacement for kante if he gets injured

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