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Quaresma ?

Zola's Love Child

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SSN just announced that we are trying hijack the deal for him, could be bull but who knows

Yea, sorry, bit of a misleading title, looks exciting though.

Depends on where he is probably, can we get a medical done in half an hour, even if he is in the country for the Tottenham reported deal?

At least we're not sitting back and doing nothing! (Assuming the reports are true).

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I have been against signing him every time we have been linked to him but with things as they are I would actually welcome this.

Yeah he has been a total disaster in Italy, but why not? At least it is someone, something, an option that doesn't begin with k or m. Do it Chelsea.

Portugese of course!

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I heard about this a couple of hours ago in connection with the Lennon to Liverpool rumors. If Spurs got Quaresma when he is so clearly done in Milan and we didnt even make an inquiry it would be foolish. By the same token, I feel like Inter owe us something for all the freebees we have given them, Jose included

I know Quaresma's attitude can be terrible, but at this point I will take anything. I dont really care what their name is. Also, my mind turns to the Scolari honeymoon when Anelka and Kalou looked much better than they do now. Maybe its possible again?

He's got a left foot and doesnt have an ALOU in his name thats a start

:D I picked a good day to get sick off work

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I have never really rated Quaresma and wouldn't choose him as a last minute of the window signing purely because he's availlable.

If he comes here I dont think it will be long before he gets added to the players people want rid of in the summer, the only positive for me is its another option..not a good reason to sign a player really.

Maybe Mourinho will help us out and let us have him on loan for the rest of the season with a view to buying him in the summer if he can hack it in the prem.

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Yahoo are saying it is a loan deal till the end of the season but that it i still to be finalised.

I don't think he is good enough to be a regular first team player on an ongoing basis but he is better than Malouda and he will bring us much needed pace. A short term loan deal would beideal.

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