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100 Reasons Why We Love Frank Lampard


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^_^ Anyone remember the "100 reasons why we hate Ashley Cole thread"? (before we bought him..!) - well this is a similar thread, but a more positive subject. Any reasons welcome, I'll start us off:

1. He scored the 2 goals that won us the league for the first time in 50 years

2. He hates West Ham

3. He's better than Steven Gerrard


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Good idea for a thread Gem.

Ill contribute two moments that I will never forget, and I am sure most other blues wont either

4. FA Premier League 2008-9, Chelsea 2-1 Stoke City


Redagardless of what people thought of Scolari when he was here, it said everything about the character of Frank Lampard that he would run half the pitch to celebrate with a besieged manager who, in the opinion of many, the team had not given the utmost effort for. And that goal was the sort of moment that you live for in football

5. UEFA Champs League 2007-8, Chelsea 3-2 Liverpool


His mother passes on, nobody was sure if he would play, and at the match's most critical moment he comes up huge. I was following along that match at work, and I will honestly say there were tears in my eyes when I saw the playback of the goal. There were alot of emotions in that half hour of extra time, but seeing him kiss that armband brought out some of the strongest

Thats why I love our Frank, he's all heart ^_^

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16. He's reliable from the penalty spot

17. He doesn't let the fact most of his corners and free kick hit the first man stop him from taking the next ;)

18. He taunts the opposition fans back

19. He has a decent hair cut

20. He scored the club's only ever goal in a Champion's League final, and he buried the penalty in the shoot out.

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30. Because he's not Steven Gerrard, and is in no way related to Steven Gerrard or anyone else from Liverpool.

31. Because when a Tottenham knob ran on to the pitch at sh*te Fart Lane and tried to punch him, Frank made him look what he was. A proper c*nt.

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28. The first and only Chelsea player to score in a Champions league final

My number 20 :D

31. He wears number 8 and won't go to Tottenham and kiss the badge in front of us.

32. He works well with similar midfielders: Ballack, Deco, Essien to an extent, if he can't work well with you, you're the f*cking sh*t one.

33. He has thighs I could just... well...



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