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West Ham v Millwall

Guest bigjockknew
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Violence erupts at London derby

A man has been stabbed in the chest during violence involving "hundreds" of fans outside West Ham's Upton Park stadium during a game with Millwall.

Fights broke out at 1915 BST and were still raging more than an hour later. Police are assessing a man stabbed in nearby Priory Road at about 2025 BST.

A fan told the BBC it was the worst hooliganism he had seen in 30 years.

A Met spokesman said: "It looks like there has been some planned trouble disorder from fans."

He added: "Hundreds of fans are estimated to be involved."

British Transport Police said they heard reports of minor overcrowding at the Tube station near the ground, but their log shows no arrests.

'Bottles and bricks'

The BBC's Ben Jacobs, who is at the stadium, said: "The trouble broke out outside the Tube station about 600 yards from the ground.

"There were 500 to 1,000 riot police and Millwall fans managed to break through the divide.

"Bottles were thrown and bricks were as well."

He added: "There has been a bit of trouble inside the ground.

"There was a penalty shout and fans started gesturing and throwing small objects. But police do have this under control."

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someone's been stabbed, apparently.

BBC is saying there have been three stabbings, citywide.

I cant believe some of the reports im reading about this. Some of the accounts from the BBC article sound chilling. Kids watching their fathers being taken away after being beaten.

and Junior Stanislas celebrated both his goals in the corner where the violence was going on?

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Guest bigjockknew

Looks absolute pandemonium - seems bizarre that they seem to have undersestimated the potential of this match. If its a category five match then there seems to be a distinct lack of stewards or any co-ordination by the police. Theres fans coming on from all sides while the players are still on the pitch. If theyre concentrating on afters outside the ground then they need to get some back into the ground sharpish - got to go on another fekn callout so the natives are gettig restless here too - wee w**ks..........

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Well there's a surprise, I never saw that coming :Whistle:

Absolutely Bluebeard. Just watched the news and the niavety of these media people is laughable. You wonder whether they wake of a morning throw back the curtains and recoil in shocked suprise that the grass is green and the sky is blue.

West Ham played Millwall there were mass fights and somebody got stabbed. To be honest the only real suprise is that its currently only one person reported as stabbed.

PS: Had to smile when they said some of the worst violence was around the tube station before the game. Not much changed since the 70's and 80's there then!!!

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Ben Newton, from Harrow, north London, said his father had been stretchered away after being hit with a dart to the head.

And a Millwall fan told the BBC: "It was like a war zone outside the stadium. There was fighting all round.

"I brought my kids with me tonight and they've seen some violence that is indescribable."

You took your kids to a West Ham v Millwall game? You should be reported to the social you muppet!!!!

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I dare say it won't be long before we hear claims of heavy handed policing as key groups try to deflect blame and attention. These people are scum and nothing more than that. Innocent lives put at risk because a group of human vermin decide they are 'up for a fight'

We may hate Carragher, think Gerrard is a twat, Wenger a moaning git etc etc etc but that all pales into insignificance compared to these cretins, and cretins like them

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