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for cynics everywhere...wonder how she got this job/is with this dude?

The Brit

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Actually, I thought she came off looking pretty well, when you consider the nauseating assumptions that come from the overall picture there.


By contrast the owner came off as incoherent and mumbly, which she seemed to pick up on and make up for.


Wonder what their fans think about such a (seemingly) farcical situation.

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The press did no favours and made it more nauseating than it could have been.


I agree with Westway and thought she came off better than I expected. Still, it has to be uncomfortable for players, fans, and the other office personnel how this whole arrangement is setup.


They seem to be able to pull it off, so good for them.

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Saw the thing on SKY about Mansfield and i thought she came across quite well. Bit of an attention seeker and i would suspect she gets annoying pretty quickly but as has already been pointed out id swap her for Our Ron in a heartbeat.

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