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Money for an ex leper...

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We, at Family Fortunes, are firm believers in the notion that philanthropy is the key to personal betterment, a wiggle in the walk, and a giggle in the talk.  With that in mind we asked 100 people to name something they liked giving which filled them with personal contentment.

Our top three answers were...

1. Good head
2. Scousers a kick in the arse
3. Donations to the Shed End running costs

Well who would have thought it! Surprised me too but don't shoot the messenger. So take time to reward yourself and make a donation to the Shed End coffers, annual hosting fees are due soon and Mod has been  subsidising this gaff like a guilty parent who sent his kid to a w**ky boarding school.

Go on folks... Spoil yourself, because you're worth it.

Couldn't be easier, hit the donate button and just follow the instructions. Even I managed it and I start every sentence with 'In the forties, when I was a teenager...'


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41 minutes ago, Munkworth said:

I’m happy to donate again (on payday!) but only if I get a special badge of honour for being a special little soldier :good2:

You already have one! 

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On 11/07/2019 at 18:05, Munkworth said:

I want my own special one because I’m more special than the rest of you lot :nana1:

Something you told your classmates every morning !

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2 hours ago, dkw said:

I still cant get it to donate through google chrome and paypal mod.

Me neither, i get stuck on the paypal confirmation screen after log in.

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