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Chelsea v Man Utd (LC) Wed 30th Oct 20:05 GMT

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3 hours ago, enigma said:

He's a good player, but nowhere near being world class. Also, most of his free kicks are crap, yet against us he became prime Ronaldo at taking it. 

He didn't even have a good game, he was closed down whenever he got the ball, he just scored from two set pieces, one of them being a penalty. 

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16 hours ago, just said:

Kova simply doesn't have enough quality in the final third for me. And it shows in most games. His decision making and finishing when an opportunity does present itself is shocking for an experienced midfielder. Kante is by far the better player in every aspect IMO. Sorry.


He's playing a lot deeper now Just, it isn't like last season. 

Billy Gilmour was the attacking midfielder today, other days it has been Mount. 

Also he gave an amazing ball to CHO after halftime but he decided to volley it instead of taking it down. Give credit where it is due he had a good 2nd half. 

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10 hours ago, CFCCAN said:

As a defender, one of the worst.....as an attacking defender he's a bit better than mediocre ...this is one area of the team that we badly need to strengthen if we have a chance in January.

I may be wrong but I don't think we can sign anyone in January, thats still a part of our two window ban.

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United Fan from RedCafe here.

Haven't posted here in a while, but was thinking I should. Not because Rashford scored a wonder goal, but because I like the football you folks are playing so far. You move the ball quickly, you play with youth and you always look to attack. Quick transitions (usually) to the wings, and there's always a man at multiple places to attack the goal - near post/farpost/edge of the box. Tammy is being managed very well, as is Mount/Tomori. I think the future is bright for Chelsea under Lampard. The full back James seems like a real talent. 

As for the game itself, I'll admit to two things - one, Rashford never gets those Ronaldo-esque knuckleballs on target (neither does Ronaldo) and two, we had the slice of luck from reffing decisions. It was a close game, and little margins like that change everything. McT was imperious for us, though, as was young Brandon Williams. However, I hope you are aware that Chelsea didn't create a lot of chances either, whatever the reasons may be. In the first half at least, we man marked you out of your game plan. Towards the end of the second half, by the time we shifted to a back 4 and started leaving spaces, you seem tired.

I loved it when Ole and Lampard were having a laugh towards the end - classy folks both of them. Ole may or may not be with us for the next league game against you folks (he'll need a brilliant run of results again to save himself the job and us fans from the drama of another managerial merry-go-round) but that was definitely a welcome change after Mourinho's cold relation with Conte. 


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21 hours ago, just said:

Dean I think you are looking for something that isn't there. I haven't singled Kovacic out. I think he has improved this season and is a good squad option. But he still is extremely poor in and around the opposition box.

I also think he is not in our best XI when everyone is fit and available. The attributes you mention for him there, I think Kante and RLC are better at all of them. No bias. No agenda. It really is that simple.

Fair enough. Look. A fit Kante is probably our most important player and the first name on the team sheet. This becomes all the more clear when you watch live games. But he is not stronger than Kova in all areas. For example, he’s not as skilful. RLC is a fine player, a better attacking option than Kova, matches him for skill (slightly different skill sets imo), and certainly has a vastly superior shot on him (though so might my son). But when it comes to eg receiving the ball and keeping it under pressure, or defensive attributes in general, surely Kova is better? So those are a couple of Kova’s USPs as I see them. I also think, like slojo, that you may be a bit harsh on his final third contribution. He’s played some great balls to our front men this season. Anyway. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, which is fine. great to have this midfield dilemma, at least.

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