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Yet more reasons to hate Liverpool


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Scouse sh*te

New season, same old same old. Chelsea are still horrible snidey cheating twats, Rob Styles is still utterly incompetant and out of his depth, and we are still not converting enough chances. To criticise our players for wastefulness in front of goal would be unfair after this though, as we did enough to win and it is down to one man and one man only that we didn’t.

I defy even the most peace loving Chelsea fan to read the whole of that report and not feel at least a momentary urge to jump up and down on a Scouse skull. Have you HEARD what those scumbags call JT???

And one from RedRoB:

Originally Posted by RoboRiise

Finally, I really don't know what it is about the guy (it's completely independent of his playing for Chelsea anyway) but I've developed such a loathing for Mikel's stupid, big, gormless f**king pie-dish face that every time I see it I want to slap him into the middle of next week, or at least see someone else do it. Does this make me a bad person?

RedRobMol said:

it makes you normal mate.

Even his own fans don't understand why he wants to spend so much time here:

What exactly gives you the motivation to log onto a cheslea forum?

One little compensation though:

This forum's banner still shows up on RedRob's post:

Chelsea's here, Chelsea's there, Chelsea's every f**king where

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I can't see what your problem is with these well-balanced charmers:

Then we have the captain. If there?s a more despicable horrible c**t in this league than Mongo then I?ve not seen him. I hate his face, his huge forehead, his stupid f**king thin spikey hair, his stumpy legs and his gay pulled up socks. He?s a dirty snide bar steward, he?s a diver and he?s a mouthy twat who?s always in the refs face. He?s also a sh*thouse who doesn?t have the bottle to take a penalty and cries like a baby when he loses.
what about that Obi Mikel piece of sh*t. Is it just me, or does anyone else think he?s absolutely f**king useless? A big clumsy lumbering grock who kicks people and wastes time by pretending to be injured. How in God?s name is he getting a game ahead of Makalele? Maybe he gives better sexual favours to Jose.
Their mentality is the complete opposite to mine, and can be summed up by them chanting ?you let your country down? to Carra. He?s scouse first, English second, but they could never possibly understand that. SOME OF US DON?T GIVE A f**k ABOUT ENGLAND, AND IT?S PARTLY BECAUSE OF GOBsh*tES LIKE YOU.

The w@nker who wrote that is totally deranged.

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OK Guys,

While I prefer not to indulge in to much Liverpool bashing around the forum (it grates me to talk about then too much),

I will however indulge in taking advantage of the banner still in place on there.. with a little help from the fella that posted a good picture last night,

Give me 5 mins

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I just know that somehow, one way or the other, Mourinho will get involved in this. icon_rolleyes.gif

It takes me some time to conclude - it would be very difficult.....

(Heintze - Argentina)

(Alex Ferguson - Scotland, drunk)

(Rafa Benitez - Spanish, fatty)

(FA - English, f**king hate us)

Mourinho - ????? icon_razz.gif

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jnp ?

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Re: typical


I have two tips for you:

1. Don't log onto a Chelsea site if you don't want to be annoyed

2. Don't copy a banner and put it on here as it's not helping with peoples blood preasure!!.



"Girl, you so tight"........" wrong hole fool!!"

Ha they think he posted it.

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That's why it needs someone from here to register there and add a post to that thread. Otherwise that little bit of genius will be wasted on them.

I know RedRob still checks in here (can't keep away can he, the lying bag of sh*te) but I can't see him drawing it to their attention somehow.

Edit: it'll have to be someone else, because I've already tried and failed.

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Be prepared for a long wait. I registered at around the time of the Champions League semi .... and I'm still waiting.

Well not really because the sh*thouse Scouse gits cancelled my account before I could make a single post.

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  • 2 weeks later...

And even more reasons to hate those scummy theiving sh*t c***s:

http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/sho ... hp?t=50365

make the world a better place: Nuke Merseyside

Lofty, you've got to stop torturing yourself like this mate. It's the worst kind of self-abuse and will leave permanent scars.

I vowed, on walking out of Scumfield after the CL pennos last season, (gracious in victory my arse), that I would, from that moment forth, avoid anything and everything Liverpoo related. For instance, on Sundays I read all the football pages but I no longer read their match reports. If a scouse Red comes on the radio I switch stations before I hear the first, "dey do doh". If Alan Green comes on the radio I switch stations before I hear the first "Gerrardism"*. If Jimmy Tarbuck, Stan Boardman, Ricky Tomlinson or Lily Savage pop up on my TV, the remote control is running for cover because it knows it's going to get battered in my rush to change channels. If I see someone walking down the street with a Liverpoo shirt on, I cross to the other side. As for visiting a Liverpoo fan's forum, why I would rather spend a pleasant hour cheerily shoving my own testicles through a mangle.

History labels aparthied as one of the worst evils ever imposed by one group of humanity on another. In the context it was implemented and inforced in SA I fully concur. However, I would vote for any political party in this country who actively campaigned for the segregation of Liverpoo supporters from the rest of society.

If everyone avoided all things Liverpoo the world would be a healthier, happier place. Try it. It will make you a new man.

* Gerradism (isms - itis), servile flattery, treat as God, toadying, deifying

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If I wore a hat, I'd take it off to you. And I honestly wish I could be a little bit more laid back.

The thing is I see this lot as The Enemy, to be challenged at every given opportunity. I'm also motivated by a desire to make life as uncomfortable as possible for RedRob, a.k.a that plastic Scouse git from Leeds. And be fair, a combination of Leeds and Scouse, whether plastic or otherwise, is well worth sh1tting on from as great a height as possible. Ideally I'd like the obnoxious slimeball banned for life, but what I'd like is neither here nor there. So if he must continue to visit this forum, he needs to be fully aware that each and every post he makes from now on will be shat on by none other than my good self.

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DAMNNNNNNNNN ...... after several weeks, that lot have finally validated my account, so naturally I tried to draw their attention to the thread in question, only to find that the sly Scouse gits have deleted it.

Ah well. It's the thought that counts.

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