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Diarra - would you have him back?


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Very hypothetical as I couldn't see him coming back to us as a) he would have his tail between his legs and :badge: he would probably know his position wouldn't be much better with us than it was before.

However just for arguments sake...

He is clearly not happy with the lack of first team football he is getting at Arsenal and we will need cover in that role when Essien and Mikel are away at the ACN.

I would say a loan move would be ideal but I can't see Arsenal agreeing to that.

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In a heart beat, superb player and havng watched sidwell today we could do with a bit more quality.. iv daid before i think mikel would be better playing infrount of a deffesive mid and that for me should have been diarra in the wake of maka

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Taking Gallas back - now there is a question. On ability there is no question whatsoever. For me still the best centre half in Britain however the difference between Gallas and Diarra is that for Gallas to be taken back would mean displacing Carvalho and although that is something Jose should have done back when Gallas was a Chelsea player it is now something Carvalho doesn't deserve.

Diarra coming back would actually make sense because I believe Maka is in his last season and therefore Diarra could slot right in next season.

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mikel has maka's role nailed down

Not if he can't curb those tackles. At the moment he is potentially a 3-4 red cards a season player, especially when refs start making him a marked man. Given how close titles are these days a player who can potentially cost you that many points every season is something that a lot of managers won't tolerate.

He is still a kid so time to learn to sort that part of his game out but he better start making progress soon because at the moment it doesn't look like he is improving it one bit. I would have had no complaints if he had walked yesterday.

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I'd have Diarra and Gallas back - no question.

Would have been interesting to see us try out playing Gallas, Carvalho and JT (one of them playing sweeper perhaps?) with two attacking wing backs. Would be an even more useful option to have now with Maka's playing days coming to an end, as I am far from convinced that Mikel will ever be able to play that role well enough. As Loz says - nowhere near enough discipline.

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Diarra looked a good prospect but he is another one that believes he has a right to play, if getting left out of the team means disrupting things by moaning then I would say Arsenal are welcome to him,

that said a lot of it could have been made up and if he would just work hard and do his best when he got the chance I would gladly have him at Chelsea.

I will say though a choice out of Diarra goning or Mikel and I would have kept Mikel all day as I think one day he will be looked on as one of the best, just hope he's still with us when that happens.

Gallas again that whinging streak but what a player, I think I would take him back and force him to do a Bogarde rather than see him playing for Arsenal, it would certainly help our chances in the League icon_lol.gif

Rikky stood up and was counted though when Gallas went and I think is a lot closer on ability now than when he was holding willies CB spot.

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I think both of them are finding out that the grass is not always greener..

Diarra maybe but not Gallas. Looks like he's well happy now - he's playing well in his favoured position and is skipper.

Will never get over the fact that we let the best all round defender I have ever seen go to one of our biggest bloody rivals actions1.gif

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No to Gallas because he has made his way out of the team, is playing first team at Arsenal, and it wouldn't be right to Carvalho. Also, I doubt he would come back to play RB or sit on the bench again and again (not the he deserves the RB slot)

Diarra, you bet your sweet ass I would take him back. In fact, I really don't think we should have ever let him go. Sidwell was one of the most pointless signings this past season, but he seems to "give it a go" when he comes on. however, Diarra just oozes class when he is on the ball, and even did well at RB when that wasn't his place!

He was dubbed the next maka, and we knew maka was out at the end of the season, so why the hell did we ever get rid of the next maka? It just didn't make sense.

I actually think Mikel is better off in a more attacking role, and if Lamps were to leave who on here wouldn't be somewhat excited at the prospect of seeing



as our midfield 3?

Count begins here.....ONE

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Saw an interview with Wenger the other day saying he signed Diarra for less than £1m. smack_head.gif

Lets hear it for Peter Kenyon.....


Peter Kenyon might want to debate that one with you after his showing in the last couple of games for Arsenal.

The guy is now 24 (?) and will not be playing too much for the gooners when Fabregas and Flamini are fit.

I said I'd take him back, but I'm not so sure now.

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