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Chelsea clinch Ibrahimovich II signing ahead of Arsenal

Chelsea FC Champions

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it is a rumours forum...dont like it dont read it boys its that simple

but seriously, maka, posting "rumors" from tribalfootball is really one small step up from any one of us just making a story up. seriously. i'd love it if we signed Messi. so i can start a thread saying, "Roman about to splash the cash for Messi! We're reportedly offering 45 million for him, and even though Barca have rejected initial inquiries, they are surely to be tempted by the massive bid." and that is essentially all tribalfootball does.

i sort of hear you about the fact we can just ignore those threads, but they clutter up the forum. no different than spam email. rather than having a filter on your email account, what if i just said to you, "Maka, sorry that you get 100 extra spam emails a day, but all you have to do is ignore the ones with subject lines talking about male enhancement products or stock schemes or the like."

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in fairness to fella, i think the orrigional reason the rumor's section was created was so we had a place to post the absaloute rubbish spouted by the mediea have a good laugh at it. A plave that didnt interfear with any of he other forums availible on here.

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Maybe we should ask posters to put "tribalfootball" in the subject title that way people who don't wish to bother reading it don't have to.

Or we could have a sub forum of the rumour forum, call it total bulls*** forum !

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Guest Brian M
If you go into your User COntrol Panel you can actually set a particular user as a 'Foe' which means you don't even see their posts.

It's why I thought G4 had left the site

Who's G4? icon_wink.gif

PS: if we can't sign the real Zlatan, I supposed I'll have to be happy with signing the next one!

PPS: re. Tribe. Get over it already, chaps. Don't like, don't read, as somebody else said in this thread. And in Tribe's defence, they are not a news site in the way Sky or BBC are. They don't have writers who send in stories. They're a news feed site, as in their paradigm works by them re-printing what another source has posted, and getting ad revenue from the traffic to their site. Some of what they re-print is good. A lot is crap. So what, I say? How many 'rumours' on "legit" sites actually turn out to be worth spit? .00001%? Should we stop posting them too? So it really is a case of, 'Don't shoot the messenger' with them. Because if it's on Tribe, that means it's appeared somewhere else first.

My 2 cents.

Peace, Love, Harmony, Health and a White Picket Fence.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Gay Pirate.

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According to a Swedish website he's signed a four year contract with Chelsea and his whole family will move with him to London in the summer. So if his contract starts in the summer, we'll probably see some official reports during the off-season when he finally moves to London. 317.gif

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