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The #1 Thing You're Still Waiting For Him to Do

Guest Brian M

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Guest Brian M

What's the one thing you'd dearly love to see (insert name of Chelsea player here) do?

Let me kick off the thread with Blunut's classic:

"I'm still waiting for Malouda to beat his 1st player this season!" clap2.gif

and add my own:

"I'm still waiting for SWP to learn how to cross the ball to a team-mate!"

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I'm waiting for:

- Di Santo to get his debut.

- Kalou to have a scoring record close to what he's getting in the ACN.

- Mikel to get away from being the most targeted player in the league.

- Drogba to STFU and commit to Chelsea for the rest of his career.

- Grant to sign a genuinely awesome young flair player, or two. Along the lines of Messi, Ronaldo, Pato etc.

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Bogarde to bring out his footballer's autobiography. I mean it's not as if he didn't have the time to write it. I want to know how he dealt with the sidelines, match after match, year after year. Maybe he's agonising over the title. Suggestions welcome.

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"I'm still waiting for Jimmy to win a piece of major silverware"


I'm still waiting to see JT lift the Champions League trophy ..... also waiting for A Hole to either show us why he is 'the best left back in the world' or fark off to another club

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Still waiting for Beach Towel Haim to look like a defender

Still waiting for Sheva to burst into an electric jog

Still waiting for JT and Ricci to play together

Still waiting for my cup final tickets actions1.gif

Still waiting for Essien to return

Still waiting for Drogba to return

Still waiting for Mikel to stay on his feet

Still waiting for Kalou to shoot on under the bar

Still waiting for Arsenal and Manu to drop a sh*t load of points

Good things come to those who wait..... 431.gif

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I'm waiting for Cashley to collapse on the pitch with a sudden and visibly unpleasant bout of dysentry.

I'm waiting to see Frank's face when he realises he's going to have to fight for his place back

I'm waiting to see Sidwell pass the ball forward (go on son, you can do it...)

I'm waiting to see Anelka and Drogba form the best partnership since Guddy and JFH

I'm waiting for Sheva to score a goal that is actually important (let's have at least one per CL match)

I'm waiting to see Carlo get a testimonial

I'm waiting for JT / Cole / SWP and others to start behaving like decent human beings and to keep out of the papers

I'm waiting for posters to stop carping on about who we should sign

I'm waiting to see Clarkey get a massive pay rise

I'm waiting for Kalou to return having scored a hat-trick in the ACON final

I'm waiting for my man...

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