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Q&A Session with Charlie Cooke!


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Yes you read correctly. Charlei Cooke - A list Chelsea legend!!

Charlie Cooke has agreed to do a Q&A Session with us which will involve us sending him a list of questions we would like him to answer, him responding to them and then I will create a webpage documenting all his answers.

It is 0430 in the morning and I am just leaving for the airport to go to Stornoway to work for 2 days. Back on Wednesday night when I will have time to post more but the bottom line is there are no restrictions on questions however he will obviously be able to choose which ones he wants to answer.

We will only be submitting about 20 questions to him as more than that would be taking the mickey so the idea is that you all submit questions to me and I will filter them down to 20. Ideally I would allow people to vote on their favourite 20 but there isn't really time for that.

Please submut questions to me via e-mail


Don't use PM as if my inbox gets filled up (which it does very quickly) your message will be lost.

My thanks to Lofty who got this set up for us.



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Fan-flipping-tastic! This site is moving up in the world.

If you'd like a Q&A session with Elen Lampard then by all means say, I'll ask her over our next chat happy0034.gif

(you do all know the story of our budding friendship right?)

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Fan-flipping-tastic! This site is moving up in the world.

If you'd like a Q&A session with Elen Lampard then by all means say, I'll ask her over our next chat happy0034.gif

(you do all know the story of our budding friendship right?)

No, we had no idea! DO tell us everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

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Come on folks - a lot of excitement about this but only three questions so far. I don't want to leave this hanging so please get them in pronto to me.

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OK we are getting close to having a good bank of 20 questions now however there is still space for a few more.

Those of you have already submitted some I thank you and should point out that I have edited some slightly as there was some duplication (as you'd expect) and Bluebeard couldn't resists calling Ronaldo a diving cheating w**ker icon_lol.gif

Planning to send them onto Charlie very soon so if you want your question asked please get them in without further delay.

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The 21 questions are finalised and are being sent on to Charlie very soon. I have listed the questions below, I did have to drop one or two so apologies if yours isn't there. There was also some duplication so if you don't see the exact questions you sent in have a look through the others as it may still be there in a slightly different guise.

1. Who were your football heroes when you were growing up?

2. When Tommy Docherty signed you from Dundee for £72000, a record sum for Chelsea at the time, what did it felt like moving from a club like Dundee to a club like Chelsea and how were you received by the established players who had a reputation of a "closed shop"?

3. When you moved to Chelsea, Jock Stein wanted you at Celtic. Do you think your style would have developed in a different way under Stein. You would have been, of course, part of the 1967 European cup winning side?

4. Who was the hardest/toughest/dirtiest defender you played against (or with)?

5. Looking at players of all time (Chelsea or otherwise), who would be in the Charlie Cooke XI and why would you choose them?

6. One of our regulars firmly believes if Dave Sexton hadn't sold Keith Weller, Paddy Mulligan, Ossie, Alan Hudson, David Webb and yourself, that Chelsea would have gone on to win the league in the early 70's - do you agree?

7. How do you think the likes of Ronaldo would have coped with the kind of conditions that you had to endure in the 60's & 70's (i.e. the playing surfaces and the full blooded tackling)?

8. On that note do you think you'd prefer to be playing these days, now that there is more protection given to flair players?

9. Which player, since your time at the Bridge, do you think has been/is similar to yourself?

10. Gareth Southgate once said "I love playing football but I don't like it". How did you feel about playing week in week out and do you look back with real fondness for your time in football?

11. There appears to be a dearth of world class wingers at the moment, do you think this is cyclical or is it more emblematic of football's apparently increasing distrust of so called "flair" players?

12. How often do you get to see Chelsea play these days and how much contact do you have with the club?

13. How do you feel about the current direction of the Chelsea team? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future and why?"

14. Who from the current squad would have fitted in to your 1970 team and why?

15. What was the funniest thing you ever saw on a football pitch?

16. What are your fondest and worst memories from your two spells at Chelsea?

17. What would you say was your biggest achievement in football?

18. Do you have any regrets about anything that happened in your football career?

19. You have established yourself in a highly successful career in the States, but did you ever consider a career as a club manager?

20. Care to elaborate on the shenanigans that went on the time you and Tommy Baldwin had been drinking in Greece a couple of days before the Real Madrid replay when you found under a boat on the beach? (or is Micky Droy telling us porkies?)

21. There is a tribute page to yourself on the Shed End. Do you have any comments to make on the content? (http://www.theshedend.com/charlie-cooke.html)

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Little update

The questions have been forwarded to Charlie and he has already come back to us via lofty to say

"I might have somewhat lengthy replies to some questions. I don't think I could reply with one liners to many of them. Is that OK with you guys."

Is that OK? That's bloody marvellous!

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