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My vote has changed to good old Sparky to bring the EPL title back to the bridge, He has worked wonders at Blackburn and with limited resources. Remember what he did with Wales as well ? I think this whould not only be a good choice for the success of the club next season but also for the dressing room, fans and the media. I would also like to see an English manager back in charge and it would then enable Steve Clark to stay on.

Who is with me ?


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To be honest, I'd be happy with either Hughes or Rijkaard (I like Hughes more but rate Rijkaard slightly higher). Jose won't be returning and Hiddink has ruled himself out. The rest, I simply don't rate that highly (e.g. Mancini) or like (e.g. Scolari).

I just have this feeling that some of our non-British players might not respect Hughes as much as they would Rijkaard.



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i'm with sparky .

All this crap like he hasn't won anything is rubbish. Until he is given a chance at a top club your never know.

Avram was considered rubbish by some people he got us to the last day of the season in the premiership and a champions league penaly shoot off. Think what Hughesy could do.

Until these British Managers are given a chance you don't know how far they can take you.

its always a foreign coach , why ?

It wouldn't bother me if someone like Harry Redknapp was mentioned . Someone who has brought young players through the ranks , Lampard , cole , Ferdinand , Carrick , Bullard , Johnson , cannot not be that bad

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"Until these British Managers are given a chance you don't know how far they can take you.

its always a foreign coach , why ?"

EXACTLY MATE, I mean fair game the standard has not been the best in recent times but now that there is a really good one about (Sparky) why not give it a go ??????

ROMAN GO FOR SPARKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ChElSea2.gifChElSea2.gifChElSea2.gif

Good for CFC inside and outside

Good for the dressing room

Good for the quality of play

Good for success

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i would love a proud british manager to take charge as much as i would love us to be filled with all english/british talanted players who were domonatin european football. the fact is tho that is a long way off and hughsey as ive argued in other topics has done nothin to make me think he can do big things for us. lets not forget that with wales he never got them to qualify for anythin and with blackburn his tactics seem to be to boot better sides off the pitch and try and grab a draw. without santa cruz they would be rubbish.plus i dont buy into the whole he was a legend for us... chopper was a legend, osgood was the king of the bridge and a legend for us dixon,clarke,cooke,zola,tambling,lamps and bonetti were all legends. if mark hughes was a legend for anyone it was for the other ones. ChElSea2.gif

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Sparky for me, as well.

Concerns of nationality aside, one thing I was thinking about recently is his style of play and how it will fit this team right away. Nobody could accuse Blackburn of playing attractive, graceful football. I think big, tough players like Ballack and Essien fit his rough and tumble style just perfectly until such time as he can bring in his own guys from the transfer market and adjust things

I also hope that someone with so much acumen on the transfer market, finding great deals, is going to be great at recognizing the young talent we have coming up and actually giving them games. Di Santo, Ivanovic, Sinclair, Sahar. We didnt get these guys for nothing

I just have this feeling that some of our non-British players might not respect Hughes as much as they would Rijkaard.

Then they'll be out by their ear.

100%. Those are just the type of players we DONT need going forward. The important guys, Cech, Essien, Maka are far too business like to care.

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i agree with you westway on the young players gettin a chance altho i would say that despite my own wishes to see sincy in the squade i dont think he is ultimately good enough for us. but i honestly dont think that mark hughes style of football would fit us, remember roman is lookin a man to bring free flowin attackin attractive football to the fortress and for me mark ticks none of the above boxes. i would like to add that i did enjoy sparkys time at the bridge but think we need to look beyond that at this point


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Everybody linked with our managerial vacancy have had something to say on the matter, either personally or through an intermediary. Except Hughes. Does this mean anything? Or have I missed any quotes or feelings attributed to him?

After Hiddink ruled himself out my hope is that Hughes will be the man.

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Huges has been given permission to talk to Man City icon_sad.gif

And is now 1/5 ON to take over at Eastlands.

So today, Hiddink counts himself out, Ancelotti is refused permission to talk to us, Hughes looks destined for City, our "available" list is getting shorter by the minute.

I have a bloody awful feeling that it is going to be Frank "Gobber" Rijkaard smack_head.gifactions1.gificon_sad.gif

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And they normally get their facts right before going to press, don't they?


A few news sources are stating that Hughes is now the front runner in our job hunt race.



By Peter Edwards

Mark Hughes has told Chelsea they have 48 hours to fulfil his dream of becoming Chelsea manager before he accepts an offer from Manchester City.

Hughes would take the Chelsea job in a heartbeat but Roman Abramovich is aiming higher and will make a renewed effort to land No1 choice Carlo Ancelotti.

The approach to AC Milan includes Didier Drogba and Andriy Shevchenko as bait as they have so far refused all advances. Luiz Felipe Scolari remains high on Abramovich’s wish-list, but it is unlikely the Portugal boss will commit to the Blues before the end of Euro 2008.

Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon has been advocating the British option, of either Blackburn boss Hughes or Sunderland’s Roy Keane, but City’s approach for Hughes has forced the Londoners to make a decision.

With Sam Allardyce lined up to replace Hughes at Ewood Park, Blackburn are ready to give permission for City to talk to him, subject to a compensation deal. Hughes is hoping a similar concession will be granted to Chelsea.

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