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  1. Are you guys really surprised? I would have expected nothing less from Willian at this point. I was casually watching the game when he came on but realized it was him taking corners immediately when they didn’t get past the first man.
  2. Been a great match. Don’t care how it ends. We did better than I think most people would have expected.
  3. why Is Kante marking VVD on the corner lol worst matchup ever
  4. I don’t know. It looked like VVD kept CP insides there.
  5. We’re looking good. Need to learn to finish the damn ball.
  6. If you have a tv subscription, most of the matches can be viewed on nbcsports app on your phone, fire stick, website, etc. There were a handful on their premium channel but I just found a stream for those.
  7. As in lucky to not be sent off
  8. You forgot Willian signed a two year contract 🤣
  9. A lot of those tackles are super iffy but I like what I see. Too bad we can’t loan him out now.
  10. I can see him signing something in the next two days 👍
  11. If this Is all true let him join drinky collecting a pay check
  12. Just in time. Doubt we’ll see him Sunday though
  13. Well no one saw this comIng.
  14. I agree about AC and Zouma. Zouma always looked clumsy with the ball like Gary did.
  15. Man it’s been a slow window ?
  16. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/07/03/video-review-leandro-gonzalez-pirez-commits-handball-box PK maybe but red?
  17. It has its ups and downs IMO. We’ve had it in the states for a few seasons now and while it does slow the game down it will catch things that are frequently missed but at the same time those calls might go against you. Last season we, Atlanta United were on the verge of going down 0-3 then the last goal was under video review it was disallowed because of a handball in the other teams box that started the break. We were allowed a PK and ended up winning 4-3. But then again last week a defender slid in the box and his trailing hand was hit with the ball as the opposing team shot. He was given red and they got a pk out of it. I’m still on the fence but from I’ve seen in other leagues and situations it’s not a good thing yet
  18. Is my Morata jersey a collectors item now ???
  19. I just hope he comes back the same player.
  20. I think the problem is we've almost tried to be too serious and as Bonzo said, it's not a national sport. It is taking hold and fast it seems like especially with all the new expansion teams coming to the MLS (I didn't follow the MLS until we picked up Atlanta United). It is nice to see "soccer" specific stadiums being build for teams in the MLS. I think with the UK, someone correct me if I'm wrong, there's not a plethora of sports people choose to be fans of, just multiple teams from the same city. Look at LA for example. They have five different sports leagues in town, MLS, MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. Each of those leagues have two teams each. That's not to mention that San Francisco and San Diego aren't but a half day drive away and they also have a hand full of teams. In Atlanta we're lucky enough to only have one in each and our NHL team left a few years back due to the lack of a fan base. With that being said, the average attendance to soccer matches has exceeded NHL, MLB and NBA in recent years. Atlanta set a record for season ticket holders before we even kicked a ball. I believe Austin has broken that record with their new expansion team. We, Atlanta, also have an average attendance of 53,000 per game which is crazy and from everything I've seen on the interweb that is 19th worldwide for football attendance. I think it'll be a while until we're truly serous about soccer and are considered a formidable squad to challenge anything. Two World Cups ago we were lucky to make it to face Belgium in the round of 16.
  21. Just curious if Miazga played last night. Kind of looked like him who scored the first goal. What number will Pulisic wear

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