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  1. In an ideal world we'd sign cover for Alonso, replacement for Moses, Squad Player for Midfield and a starter level winger. The likelihood is we'll only probably make 2 of those signings.
  2. Course it is. There's always a place for Racism in football x
  3. He's been given the captaincy because he's English, no other reason. Blatant Racism by Conte. No place for that in sport. Dave or Luiz should've been named Captain.
  4. I get the whole 'growing the brand' thing the club were attempting but this is why I'd of preferred a PreSeason in Britain, games against Rangers & Linfield etc... Let the Kitchen Sinks support a team they have more in common with, someone like Liverpool, both seem to love playing the victim and murder.
  5. Alonso just lurking in the background wondering who to run over next.
  6. He's basically done nothing wrong and the PC Brigade have kicked up a fuss for the sake of kicking up a fuss.
  7. Couldn't care less about 'English' football since the way the FA handled JT. I'd rather have us develop some decent young Belgians. Everyone loves Belgium.
  8. Cahill'll be the first to be dropped.
  9. On the pitch he's a decent striker when his heads in the right place and he's motivated. When he's not, he's a liability. Off the pitch... always looked a 'character' in the training videos. Clearly that's not an act though and he is just a tad immature. Dont think I can remember someone leaving with such a lack of class since Gallas...
  10. Bought The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4 at the weekend as I missed it originally 'cos I had a 360. Heard nothing but good things about it and so far it exceeding even those expectations. Still find myself drifting back onto Battlefield 1 for a quick game or 10 of War Pigeons.
  11. It'd be a deal in principle for January IMHO, Easily worked into the Costa deal. They value him at 45M so I don't see why Costa + 15M wouldn't seal it. ATM have already signed his replacement in Vitolo, who again won't sign until January. Easy enough to make space for a player of that talent in this squad...
  12. Heavily linked to Carrasco of Atletico fame in this morning rags... decent enough. Fits the 'type' of player I'd like here.
  13. He's the one I can see actually making an impact at Chels, a proper player to get you out your seat. Work him into the rotation against some of the smaller teams this season in the league and cup and see where it goes from there. Wouldnt exactly say we're deep at the winger position especially with Eden out til October time, great chance for CMJ to show us he can do it in the Prem.
  14. If you're a Football Agent then I'm an Attack Helicopter.
  15. This is the one youth player I would be upset to see go. Really seems to have grown as a player from his loans and is exciting to watch.
  16. Why are fans so obsessed with how much players cost?! Is it coming out of your back pocket? No. Will it financially affect you in ANY way? No. Who cares how much someone costs?! If the manager has identified a player as someone who will improve the side, especially if that side is currently a domestic champion, who cares! Be the best LB we've had since Ash. Great signing if he comes.
  17. Heavily linked with a 45M move for Insigne in the red rags today.
  18. The Missus' dad is a Wolves fan and he's under the impression us and the Scousers are battling it out for Helder Costa. Figure of around 20M floating about.
  19. The Greatest CB of the Premier League era. Captain. Leader. Legend.
  20. Finally 100%'d and Platinum trophied Shadow of Mordor. Now to start on the 2 DLC's. Haven't enjoyed a single player game so much in years. Still finidng time to fit a bit of Battlefield 1 Online in every now and then though. Has surpassed CoD in every part of FPS's now. So much more rewarding for playing the game properly instead of just frag spamming.
  21. Eden just doesn't hit me as the kind of guy who would suit the 'Real' lifestyle either. When you look at the Egos floating around that club. Then you look at how Hazard is. The 2 just don't seem a fit to me at all.
  22. He'll be displaced by Christenson next season. Not too worried about it all.
  23. Haven't managed to tear myself away from Battlefield 1 online since about Christmas but picked up Shadow of Mordor GOTY on offer the other day, got to say what a breath of fresh air, the Nemesis system is a great change to the usual. Properly recommend for anyone.

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