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  1. This has probably been asked before, but are we able to loan players during the transfer ban ? If yes, then it may get us out of the proverbial for a year. We could have asked for Bale for example, as part of the deal with Hazard. I can think of several players, not getting game time, Coutihno being another one who might consider a year with us before they find a permanent move ?
  2. Sorry Old Shaggy, I've obviously missed a few posts.........I had heard that the rules had changed for next season, and that the fifth spot would be given to the lower tier countries out of the Eng/ Spain/ Italy Germany group and go to France etc ?
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, and for pissing unnecessarily on our bonfire, but if the Arse win the Europa League, but finish outside the top 4, that means they will claim a Champions league slot due to winning the Europa League, and the team in fourth spot in the Premier League lose their automatic Champions league place, which, if we slip up against Leicester could be us ?😳?......as only 4 champions league places are allocated per country ?
  4. Spuds ripping manu apart. Will Mourino be sacked......no, are Manu a mid table, mediocre side.......no. Put it into perspective, its one game, we are still 4th ish in the cup and and CL. We have fresh competition for places coming in. These are the kind of games that give you that kick up the arse. Its a strong top 6 this year and we are still in the mix Keep the faith.
  5. Spuds landed on their feet with Kane, admittedly. We just havent seen anything of his quality for a few years now.
  6. You cant take chances with clubs the size of Chelsea......Giroud can give us goals , he's shown that. Its great when a youngster breaks through, but we cant afford to gamble on one of them when playing the likes of Barcelona .
  7. I agree......his stats stack up. Gives us options, Why moan about not getting the headline signings. Aubygangbang is unproved in the Premiership, its likely he'll struggle with the intensity of the game. Giroud is a proven Premiership goal scorer...great business from Chelsea !
  8. According to wikipedia he's ours..............I knew that donation would come in handy one day !
  9. Still numb........lost my voice......every time I watch Drogba's penalty, I still get goosebups !!! I thought at 45 years of age I'd seen it all with Chelsea, but last night topped everything. Dont think it will be repeated , but thank you Chelsea for everything....nuff said !

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