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  1. Im not your personal butler you fukking twat Like i dont have anything better to do than to write the chronicles of torres
  2. its unfortunate that all his achievements at chelsea can fit in a 2 sentence post, while i can write a 1000 word essay about his failures
  3. If people in the military could swap places with him theyd do it in an instant
  4. yes, but teams know we have to sell one of them
  5. as someone whos had his fair share of dislocations and ligament tears i can tell you thats not true. Hell, ive had severe bruising last for a couple of months
  6. I dont see why it would be too early. A simple X-ray/mri scan should be enough for some kind of estimate
  7. I admit i havent been watching him play in turkey, and its still too early too judge him, but he doesnt look good enough to contribute. I wont be surprised if Torres end the season with more goals than Drogba
  8. I posted this before the freekick goal
  9. Fabregas will be a MASSIVE improvement when it comes to set pieces. I wont be surprised if we score twice the amount of set piece goals compared to last season
  10. you went from 'dont need him' to 'future captain' in a month though
  11. i know it was against low level opposition, but he really looks the part
  12. he made many more mistakes but those 2 were punished by goals
  13. why not? hes better than anyone we currently have
  14. Yeah . . . and his poor form for spain can also be contributed to that as well. If only spain had a creative midfielder to set up chances for Torres
  15. So hes basically Mikel but he can add something to our attack
  16. http://www.chelseafc.com/news-article/article/3900839/title/fabregas-signs-for-chelsea# kind of surprising they put his dive against us in the video
  17. A midfield 3 of Matic, Fabregas and Rami would be great IMO. Yeah, Rami has his faults, but hes still underrated on these boards. With Hazard and Willian on the wings, its a fantastic team.
  18. Yes, hes a really good link-up striker. Great passing and first touch. Ba+Ramsey+Ozil . . . thats just filthy
  19. Thought his and Costas transfer would be finalized by now. This is getting tedious . . .
  20. Pat yourselves on the back City fans, your levels of delusion have hit scouse proportions. Its true, everyone is against you and everyone is out to get you. I bet right this minute theres a secret conference where all managers and chairmen are plotting conspiracies against city. Just went through the channels on my TV, Jose was nowhere to be found, probably thinking of ways to screw with CIty.
  21. i dont think theres much difference
  22. well mourinho considers torres to be good enough to play for chelsea so theres that . . . i actually think oscar as our main nr 10 was one of mourinhos biggest mistakes last season and oscar is one of the worst passers in the team
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