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  1. Aparently he's not fighting for his spot , he gave up on training.
  2. I was surprised to see him struggle that hard.
  3. Just give Romelu some time to adapt to English football again. He will be stressed at start.
  4. Torres will never be third choise , second to Costa maybe and Lukaku wiil leave imo
  5. Would they have won them without QR , thats the question.
  6. Because Benteke is a real 9 , and Lukaku isnt . Can you imagine Benteke deep and Lukaku playing around him in a free roll. Together with the 3 amigo's behind , power and football.
  7. Torres was and still has the potential to be a world class striker , just not for Chelsea , is it the way we are playing , the teammates , no idea but it simply doesnt work. Problem he costed us 50 mil. , selling him now will be losing lots of money. Only possibility is playing him , hoping he scores and trying to get as much as is possible when selling him.
  8. Lukaku now injured , needs a minimum of weeks rest (ankle )
  9. 3 Chelsea players on loan in this match (Courtois , Lukaku and DeBruyne) 1 first team player (Hazard) Only the goals .
  10. Axel Witsel (Benfica) either to Chelsea , United or City .
  11. Michel Preud'homme , not a big name in England but has had succes in every team he took over .
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