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JT`s Tribute to a chelsea legend


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John Terry used his matchday programme notes for the Bolton game last night to pay tribute to Alex Nairn, a masseur for the Chelsea team for seven seasons, who died last week.

The captain wrote:

Lampsy and me are dedicating this page tonight to the memory of Alex Nairn. After the game on Saturday night I received the bad news that he'd died.

He'd worked at the club a long time (1998-2005) and Coley, big Pete, Paulo, Riccy and Didier were all here when he retired.

What a great old boy he was. All the lads loved him.

There was him, Terry Byrne and John Kelly doing massage, and later Bill McCulloch came in. At his age, for Alex (pictured below) still to be working in the way he was into his 70s was incredible.

Anyone who knew 'Grappler' and heard his stories will laugh just thinking about him. Sorry, can't retell them here! Our thoughts are with his wife Beryl and his family. We're all really saddened.

Back at the start he often used to turn up late, and he'd swear and moan about his car all the time, blame it for breaking down, swear about having to get the bus.

So Dennis Wise spoke to the players and they had a whip round, and they got him a

little car. They took him out at Harlington and showed it to him and his eyes welled up, and it was one of those great moments in a club.

It was a great touch from Wisey, Hitchy, Franco and everybody, and Grappler was never late again. I phoned him a few weeks ago when I heard he was ill, and I said

to Beryl that it was John Terry from Chelsea, could I speak to Grappler, and she said that he wasn't remembering much, but she'd put him on.

I heard her say, 'Alex, it's John Terry from Chelsea,' and he came on. I said, 'Grappler, JT here, how are you?' and we had a great chat for a few minutes about everything. Then I heard him pull the phone away and say, 'Beryl, who is this?!'.

So she went and got some photos and then he remembered it all and was asking after the lads and everything. Brilliant! Rest in peace Grappler. We love you!

Carlo Ancelotti and John Terry put their thoughts down on paper for each home game and e-members can read their matchday programme notes online before the kick-off.

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