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66 today (08/01)

Tim W

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great thread :)


an awsome song, and this is my favourite version:



same tour, just because of the lovely Gail Ann Dorsey :) she kicks ass here, it's quite though to play bass AND sing this at the same time.



going back a bit in time, and again because of a supporting musician (Bowie had some fantastic talents in his band), Adrian Belew on guitars.



my personal favourite Bowie cover - and I usually can not stand Bowie covers:



and talking of covers, Bowie doing a song (which I happen to love :) from The Pixies:


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bought 'where are we now' this morning - think its fantastic. very slow and poignant, possibly not what i was expecting. suspect he will become the first artist to have a top ten hit in 6 different decades this weekend.

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Saying that Fripp is in King Crimson is a bit of an understatement. He's the soul of it, there's no KC without Fripp.


I see your point (wouldn't Fripp help any cover?), but I don't necessarily agree that that's the main factor. Yes, no one else could come close to imitating Fripp's soundscapes, but I believe it is possible to do a good cover of it with a more conventional guitar sound. The KC version omits entirely the drone sounds of Eno's synth, but not missing it at all.

What I think helps the cover the most is that Belew really feels the song and his performance is not lacking in character or emotions compared to Bowie. (Yes, I know he's toured with Bowie - right after David poached him from Zappa  :wink: )

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Great news about the new album, but I also worry for it. Hopefully he does himself justice, and I would tell anyone who hasnt really heard much from him to get his older stuff and be ready to be blown away. A proper musical genius.

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