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This season should be considered...


This season should be considered... (assuming the results listed below)  

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  1. 1.

    • A great season
    • A good season
    • A decent season with plenty of positives to build on
    • A slightly disappointing season
    • A very disappointing season
    • A tragic season
    • Don't even bother playing next season, it was THAT bad

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Assuming we get knocked out (again) by Liverpool at the semi-final stages of the Champions League and finish 2nd in the league, our season will look like this:

Premiership: 2nd place

Champions League: Semi-finals

FA Cup: 6th round

Carling Cup: Final

This would constitute........

a) A great season

B) A good season

c) A decent season with plenty of positives to build on

d) A slightly disappointing season

e) A very disappointing season

f) A tragic season

g) Don't even bother playing next season, it was THAT bad

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I'm going for a slightly disappointing season as long as we finish second and don't have to qualify for the CL which would be very disappointing. Very peed off that we couldnt beat Barnsley to win the FA cup again - I feel sure we would have otherwise.

purchase of Anelka was good.

for a nobody Grant has kept us in the race for most things. Jose didn't do much better all things considered last season.

We have got used to winning and that makes it difficult to bear a season of no silverware, unless we win the CL in which case ...............

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Mod has made a good point.

For me and based solely on results and until such time as we either win/lose against the filth in the semis and win/lose the CL final its a wee bit premature. If we lose to the filth/or in the final then I'd agree with Ethical that its very disappointing; if we do win the CL, which would be great of course and somewhat remarkable given everything that has taken place off the paddock, I'd probably plump for somewhere between "slightly disappointing" and "very disappointing" (ie. just "disappointing")simply because of the results in the Carling & the FA on the basis that us getting to the CL semis again for the 4th time in 5 years is surely now expected of us given our squad/players. To win the bloody thing would be bonus but the manner in which we have seemingly now surrendered the title and the results in the Carling and the FA will not be forgotten for some time.

At boardroom level it has clearly been for me a very disappointing season.

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I wish to God you'd try to get away from plain simple stats Qaz. It's silverware that matters, but even that isn't the whole story. The point you continue to avoid is that two of these exceedingly few defeats were:

1. The Carling Cup Final.

2. The FA Cup exit.

In both cases, it was not just the fact of losing, but the performance that was so disappointing. We were out thought and out fought by a Barnsley team who lost 3-0 tonight. Last night we couldn't beat a piss-poor Wigan team. And on all too many occasions this season, we've got away with it.. managing to scrape a win against some other piss poor team or other.

Back to stats v expectations. Ok fine, when Jose left, I think it's fair to say that most people expected us to win sweet f.a. this season. But then when you're overwhelmingly firm favourites, and justifiably so, to win both domestic cups, and you blow it big time ... to call it "tragic" over-dramatises the situation, but how can that be anything other than hugely disappointing?

One more thing. My guess is that it was none other than yourself who voted this as:

A decent season with plenty of positives to build on

Ok. Fine. You're entitled to your opinion. Now explain it, fully. With reference to the points that you continue to avoid, which I won't bother to repeat here, but please feel free to check out (again), if you so wish, here

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I'm very disappointed because we sacked one of my favorite Chelsea managers, and certainly our most successful one ever and didn't have an acceptable back-up plan. I'm disappointed we brought in a man who has become the laughing stock of the EPL and clearly does not have the confidence of the players. I'm disappointed we've lost our "edge" even though that is not surprising considering the circumstances.

With that as the back drop, I've been impressed with the results on the pitch, but only because I'd lost all hope and my expectations had thus gone to an all-time low.



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Very disappointing. We lost Jose, we lost the club, we lost (or are about to lose) one of our most instrumental midfielders for the past few years, we became something of a laughing stock. Also, as Lofty said, we were major contenders for all competitions. That left when Jose did. I doubt we would have lst to the y*ds if Jose was in charge, remember Drogba stated that they "wanted it more than us!" That would not have been a consideration if jose was in charge. Then you have Ballack and Drogba both saying that the team had to "learn to stay focused for the whole 90 minutes." Again, I never heard of that as a problem while jose was here.

The only saving grace could be the Champions League, but I ain't fooling myself there!

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its been a poor season if we compare it to the previous 3 seasons

but without making the comparrisons its been an ok season, we've only lost a handful of games i'm sure the teams below us in the league would rather be in our league position

and i'm sure arsenal wish they were in the CL semi's

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If you view the season purely as the results achieved in the various competitions, then it has been a decent one, and could even be a great one if the CL miracle happens.

if you view the season based on the type of football we have played, then i think most would agree it has been (very) disappointing, given what we were promised.

If you view the season in the wider context of Chelsea Football Club and the long term rammifications this post Jose circus may have, then it could well be seen as very disappointing and even alarming. If changes are not made asap after the end of the season, I feel it could be a good while before we are challenging for any silverware again and we could become a bit of a farce.

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Very disappointing because it's another season in which the club has moved even further away from 'dignity', 'style' and 'community'.

'Dignity' - we lost a load of that when we got bought by a dodgy billionaire but furthermore over JM, dodgy transfer dealings, Kenyon, farcical appointments and the still repellant behaviour of some of our players (DD).

'Style' - we really are the crappest team in the EPL to watch. Dull, dull, dull, crap.

'Community' - millionaire footballers, lots of dregs from the 80's returning to the stands, outrageous prices (I know this is football wide, but I'm a blue boy and relate it to my club).

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I voted "Good", if we take results from only this season in all comps into account you have to say good, if we win the CL it will be changed to "Great".

But that does not mean I have any faith in the managment at all.

When Ranieri got us to the CL semis it was a similar season, good results and steady form, but plenty of negatives and no good endings, as the teachers say at school "satisfactory effort, but could do better".

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None of the voting categories apply to how I feel really, as it's not been a good season and nor particularly that bad (or disappointing). Just a season I would like to forget. As Gem and Mike O have said, the football has been dire for the large part. So dull to watch, even though we have still managed some good results.

Don't like the way our club has been heading for sometime now and we need some big big changes to put us back on the right track.

For me, I still look back to before the start of last season and the departure of Gallas and signing of Cashley and even more so the ridiculous signings of Sheva and Ballack. That's when things took a real turn for the worse, even if it took a while for things to really impact.

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I haven't voted yet

As I said, I was guessing which way you'd vote.

I'm still waiting for your response, as are the rest of the panicked masses.

I voted a great fantabulous season icon_wink.gif

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