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  1. Wide open at the back, no control in midfield and don’t look like scoring. Pathetic.
  2. Another awful performance, make that 4 in the last 4 games now. We didn’t play well against Everton or Wolves, were lucky against West Ham and didn’t play well again yesterday. Where is our control in midfield? Against Wolves our midfield was wide open and every time they got the ball towards the end of that game they seemed to be running forward against an unprotected defence. Again yesterday we struggled in the middle of the pitch and relied on making enough crosses for one to go in eventually. When we do cross there only ever seems to be the central striker there, who is generally outnumb
  3. Thought we played well defensively. Their only really good chance coming just before half time when Jorginho lost the ball in midfield and Mendy saved from Rashford. Slightly disappointed we didn’t go for it a little more in the first half with Martial, Greenwood and Pogba all out of the team I would’ve hoped we’d push for 3 points. Positives: Mendy, Chilwell, Silva, James. Concerns: Our general play going forward. We created hardly anything all game, similar to our performance against Sevilla. We have no control in midfield whatsoever with Kante and Jorginho. We play some nice footbal
  4. Both him and Alonso seem to want to play the game in 3rd gear. Little/no urgency, particularly when defending. Ideally we’d sell both of them this window and get in a genuine back-up option. At this point I’d hope we might consider bringing Maatsen into the first team and using Azpi as second choice LB with Maatsen adding more depth.
  5. From watching us last night it seems blindingly obvious to me that we need a player in the mould of Declan Rice. Assuming that Chilwell and Reece James are our starting full backs, we need cover infront of our two centre backs when they push forward. For whatever reason Frank (and previous managers) haven’t fancied Kante in that role and see him as a more dynamic midfielder. Fernandinho and more recently Fabinho at Liverpool have acted as perfect protection in front of the back 4. Too many times we turn the ball over and the opposition are running at our back 4 (sometimes 2/3) with no cover.
  6. A straight ball splits both defenders and they’re in on goal as easy at that. Christensen has cost us too many times now to suggest he’ll ever develop into the player we once hoped he’d be.
  7. Feels as if he’s been playing in second gear ever since his return from injury. Whether that’s because of fitness, holding himself back or injuries have taken their toll, I don’t know. Previously he would coast around, the ball would come near him and he’d explode, just not seeing that any more. He gave the ball away needlessly time and time again, whether he was trying to nutmeg someone in his own half, controlling the ball poorly or playing a poor pass. How much longer do we give him?
  8. Twitter suggesting that RLC, Jorginho, Kante, Mount Werner and Havertz all start. If true it doesn’t look good for CHO that he can’t get a start when Pulisic isn’t fully fit and Ziyech is injured.
  9. Team I expect to see is Willy Azpi Zouma Rudiger Alonso Mount Kante Havertz CHO Giroud Werner
  10. I’m far more positive about this deal at £50m than I would’ve been at £80m. Granted £50m is still expensive for a 23 year old who right now doesn’t fall in the ‘world class’ bracket but we know about the Premier League tax and that there’s a premium price on proven English talent. He’s supposedly been Frank’s number one target at left back, is an England international and up until the transfer speculation surrounding him earlier in the season was playing very well for Leicester. My only concern is that he won’t get a full pre season training/playing with the team because of his cur
  11. Just signed a new 5 year contract at Brighton. Dodged a £40m+ bullet. Next.
  12. He’s holding the Chelsea shirt up on his official Instagram page, so unless we get an Obi Mikel saga I’d say he’s our player.
  13. I think it’s really encouraging that young talent now sees Chelsea as an excellent club to play for and fulfil their potential. Pre Mount, Abraham, James, Tomori, CHO, would he have chosen Chelsea over the other big European clubs who were interested? Hopefully with Lampard at the helm we can reap the rewards of a stable structure which promotes youth and adds to the first team with the necessary quality. Exciting times ahead - welcome, Xavier.
  14. Sign him up. An experienced head amongst what will be (after losing Willian & Pedro) a relatively inexperienced team. On a 1/2 year deal I think he’d be an excellent signing.
  15. Quite how a supposedly credible news outlet are allowed to generate transfer stories and simultaneously take bets on the outcome of those same transfers is beyond me. A couple of trusted journalists on Twitter have rubbished this rumour so don’t think there’s anything in this one.
  16. Interestingly it seems like Ilkay Gundogan has inadvertently confirmed that Claudio Bravo is leaving Man City. Anyone? May I suggest a back 5 of Bravo, Moses, Christensen, Rudiger and Emerson for next season?
  17. Johnny Evans as an alternative to Lewis Dunk... slight difference to suggesting he ought to be our first choice target.
  18. Off the top of my head Jonny Evans has 1 year to run on his Leicester deal and has just had an excellent season - can’t see him costing anywhere near what Dunk would cost. Tyrone Mings at Villa? A year younger with recovery pace and probably available for a fee in the region of what’s being quoted for Dunk?
  19. Does Dunk really fit our style under Lampard? The intention seems to be to move to a high pressing team who hold a high defensive line. Is Dunk really suitable to that type of game? His leadership qualities would be a great asset but for the price and at his age, I think we can do better.
  20. Looks a serious threat going forward. He hasn’t had a mass of defending to do so far and does look a little weak. That said he’s a better option than Chilwell IMO. Best player on the pitch tonight.
  21. I’m seeing a lot of noise on Twitter from various sources that this is very close. Was surprised to see the above tweet saying that the deal is off. Really not sure how I feel about it until we see the fee. Really hope we haven’t spent over £50m on him. Will be even more worried if what we do spend means we have less to spend on at least one quality CB.
  22. Personally I’d rather we signed one quality centre back than try and get 2 in to replace two of Rudiger/Christensen/Zouma. Hypothetically, whichever of those 3 then stays should be boosted by their new centre back partner and a new goalkeeper behind them. As we’ve seen with both VVD and Laporte such is their quality that they make the person at the side of them look good also. I just hope our scouts can pick out whoever that gem may be.
  23. Let’s not try and compare Ampadu’s loan to Mount, Abraham, Tomori or James’ loan spells. Ampadu has played a total of 4 league games since he signed for Chelsea. The other 4 all got plenty of minutes in the Championship last season whilst Ampadu barely featured for RB Leipzig. If he does go to Fulham I’d like to think we’d put a clause in there that we can recall him in January if he hasn’t played x number of games. The fact we didn’t/couldn’t do that when he wasn’t featuring for Leipzig was madness. Hopefully we learn from that this time. He really needs minutes this season or his devel
  24. Whereabouts have you seen this info? Saul and Rodri both of a similar age and if his mindset is anything like theirs I’d snap him up in a heartbeat.
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