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  1. Master&Commander


    Yes but we aren't talking about an unknown player. He is a top player from ten years, has scored 321 goals in career and no needs youtube to know it.
  2. Master&Commander


    Clubs and National teams are two different worlds. Argentina with Higuain or without always has failed. It doesn't seem to me that Aguero that in Premier is a monster, did so better of him with the national team.
  3. Master&Commander


    I have seen a long line in Cobham to buy these inappreciated champions. All the top club in Europe have dived on Drinkwater and Fabregas, right ? Maybe i remember badly. Are we talking about a team that the last year was 5th with 30 points from City despite a great coach like Antonio Conte? I think there should be more support and less destructive criticism because was clear that the way wasn't easy.
  4. Master&Commander


    Maurizio would never make him playing without any training with the mates.
  5. Master&Commander


    Higuain is a new Chelsea player. Loan of 6 months for the moment with obligation of another one year in loan after some conditions.
  6. Master&Commander


    He will be motivated
  7. Master&Commander


    I don't think is right to judge him for the last months in Milan. it's a problem of motivations. The last ten years speak for him. Always from 20 to 30 goals scored for season.
  8. Master&Commander

    Will we sign a striker?

    I don't like and first i don't think is useful for Chelsea. He is good in the spaces and Chelsea plays , 9 matches on 10, with the bus of the opponents in the their box.
  9. Master&Commander


    In my opinion the time of the scouting is gone. The football is almost all in the hands of the agents. Anyway i don't see any young centre-forward of top level on the market. Chelsea needs a top level centre-forward or nothing, because centre-forwards of medium level there are already four Morata-Giroud-Batshuayi-Abraham.
  10. Master&Commander

    Spuds V Chelsea (LC) Tue 8th Jan 20:00 UK

    Kane out until March. I'm so sorry Out also Son for the Asian Cup, right ?
  11. Master&Commander

    Krzysztof Piatek (Genoa)

    It seems that Milan is very close to buy him with Higuain to Chelsea.
  12. Master&Commander


    Triple H trident to fly ! Hudson-Odoi Higuain Hazard
  13. Master&Commander

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    There needs more movements in the spaces without the ball, sometimes jorginho and other miedfielders mistake because don't know to whom pass vertically and the game slows and becomes predictable. Every time there's a good movement without the ball of someone there is a opportunity to score.
  14. Master&Commander

    Arsenal V Chelsea (PL) Sat 19th Jan 17:30 UK

    This is the match most important of the season for now . Fortunately there's a full week to prepare well it. Perhaps the match schedule very busy of the last month affected the performances, because wasn't time to work on the mistakes.