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If there was no Chelsea?

Johan Gruyff
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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rangers. well i do support rangers

only reason i support chelsea is cause zola joined. greatest player ever. i love how people challenge me when i say that. "u only say that cause your a chelsea fan" - wrong asshole!! ;) i'm a chelsea fan cause of zola

didn't follow epl before that. certainly don't follow irish league (i'm from NI). worst standard of football you'll ever see

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West Bromwich Albion.....just for a laugh really!!!!

No, seriously, my old man's Albion, the old git used to take to the match occasionally when i was a kid...but only if i'd been naughty!!! :D :lol: :lol:

But a world with no Chelsea...ain't worth living in!!!

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I've followed Rangers almost as long as I've followed Chelsea, over 40 years.

I also try to get up to watch AFC Wimbledon when I can, and I've often thought about going over to watch Hastings United, but I just can't be arsed. And if I ever move back down to Cornwall I'll be going to watch Plymouth Argyle.

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