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Chelsea v Spurs 10 stabbed

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Found from the daily mail:

At least 10 people were stabbed as hardcore soccer violence erupted on the streets of west London.

Drinkers fled as running battles broke out between about 40 thugs carrying knives, baseball bats, wooden clubs embedded with nails and hockey sticks.

The riot began last night outside the White Horse pub in Parsons Green, known as the "Sloaney Pony", following a dramatic FA Cup clash between Chelsea and Spurs.

Police believe it was either a prearranged fight organised over mobile phones and the internet or Tottenham hooligans had ambushed Chelsea fans "in their own backyard".

One witness said: "It was pandemonium, I've never seen scenes like it. It was a battlefield in the middle of Fulham's smartest area on a Sunday evening. I was on Parsons Green itself having a quiet drink with friends - nothing to do with the football.

"Suddenly there was a lot of loud shouting and screaming and we saw a huge mob fighting outside the Sloaney Pony, smashing each other with baseball bats and anything they could get their hands on. People were fleeing in all directions, it was chaos.

"I ran off down a street but could hear the rioting going on from half a mile away. About five minutes later the police sirens started and carried on all night."

Dozens of officers, including vans of riot police on standby and a police helicopter, were scrambled to the scene. Police arrested 34 men, including seven who were taken to hospital suffering from stab wounds and head injuries.

The injured men were taken to various west London hospitals. They included a 40-year-old from Plumstead who suffered head and chest injuries, a 52-yearold from Kentish Town, a 41-year-old from Chigwell and a 31-year-old from Bedfordshire.

Three of them were kept in overnight and are said to be in a stable condition. The others were discharged after being treated and are being held in custody.

Huge crowds had gathered outside the White Horse in the afternoon after the match which is a traditional drinking venue on Chelsea match days.

The violence erupted at just after 8pm and took up to an hour to bring under control. Police recovered knives, baseball bats, wood laced with nails and hockey sticks.

A police source said: "Clearly there was a degree of organisation. These guys had not turned up with sticks and bats to play a game of hockey or baseball.

"We are trying to establish whether it was a pre-arranged setpiece fight or if it was one group of organised hooligans setting upon another.

"We have a lot of people in custody and will be talking to them all to try to see what was behind this.

"We will also be checking whether any of them were known hooligans."

Lets just hope it was Tottenham who came off worse.

We hate Tottenham!!

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happened a long time after the game ended didnt it ?

there was no sign of bother before or directly after the match from what i could gather. at about 12pm i was outside the peli and a group of about 25 tottenham 'lads' walked past stone islanded up to the hilt but they were mostly smirked at by everyone else. as just has already said there was plenty of old bill around so any trouble was unlikely.

its not the first time the parsons green area has been used for some sperz/chelsea bother i seem to recall it going off not far from the duke a season or two ago.

lets hope al those who are injured get well soon.

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you can be rest assured that the comments by 'the witness' are totally made up.

just like when the Sun prints something by either a 'pal', a 'close friend' or best of all, an 'insider'!!!

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at about 12pm i was outside the peli and a group of about 25 tottenham 'lads' walked past stone islanded up to the hilt.

Lucky there was no trouble then - the bar was 5 deep to be served and no- one was gonna give up his place in the Queue

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The whole day had the edginess of Tottenham Chelsea

We stayed in the area until early evening, mostly down the Kings Road, the pubs were mobbed and you could tell it was brewing. Sirens going off all over when we left.

Some of the others came home later than us, and one phoned me this morning to say it went off at the station on the way back.

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I've no doubt that the Old Bill were well aware that it was definitely going to kick off. They had a very high presence before, during and after the game. I've never seen so many mini buses full of them with riot shields on the screens.

Also they had a chopper in the sky throughout the game and it was still there at 6.30pm when we left the Pelican.

They clearly had inside info, just didn't know where it was going to kick off.

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walking back to the peli,after the game,I could sense that something was going to kick-off.

Stone Island clad geezer`s everywhere.

Anyway,it was great to see ya Geezer,Stacy and Bjd. icon_wink.gif

Roll on next Saturday. woohoo.gifdrinkdrunk.gif

I don't wear stone island clad.

Fisherman sweaters maybe but not stone island............

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Reports are circulating that under-fire Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho is in fact completely responsible.


Pictures are circulating that we have not seen, of someone who possibly may resemble Mourinho walking very quickly away from B&Q Home Depot in Ealing with a 2x4 plank of wood under one arm and a box of thick masonry nails under the other. He is wearing a Henri Lloyd jacket, with a thick Stone Island cardigan underneath, a Burberry baseball cap, and a pair of pristine white Prada trainers. Further proof, as if any were needed, that Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are a blight on our game and must be stopped at all costs.

Mourinho is under-fire now?? With Chelsea struggling for surviving in Premier League??? icon_lol.gif

"Mourinho walking very quickly away from B&Q Home Depot in Ealing with a 2x4 plank of wood under one arm and a box of thick masonry nails under the other." hahahhahaha icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif What a bullocks !

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This is surreal. Last night I wrote a spoof tabloid report on Jose's comments about Madrid.

http://www.csrforums2.co.uk/viewtopic.p ... highlight=

Today the Mirror ran the same story, but not as a spoof.

That Chelsea site says as a laugh that the trouble was all Jose's fault. Today a useless apology for a columnist has written this sh!te:

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.j ... nmot13.xml

You couldn't make it up. Except I and another guy did.[/url]

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Harringtons, tasselled loafers, tonic jackets, silk hanky triangles on a card for your top pocket, button-fly levis before they had a number, clip-on braces, levi jacket with the collar amended to hold a length of chain

AHHHH - Those were the days


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Lawton also blames Jose

Mourinho's bile no help in battle to banish hooligans

More depressing than Jose Mourinho's latest rant at a referee - and his use of the routine Iberian and Latin American insult "son of a whore" - was a new eruption of violent feuding between thugs claiming to support his club and Tottenham Hotspur.

According to the police, 10 knife wounds were inflicted in fighting after the game. Any one of them could have been fatal, in which case an interesting question would have been raised. Would English football have considered for a second the decision of the widely reviled Italian game in suspending its entire programme after a policeman was killed before a game in Sicily? No, it would not, and for the arguable reason that what was perpetrated around a Chelsea boozer had little or nothing to do with the game.

But then the Italians could have made a similar claim about the mob that went on to the streets in Catania. Honourably, however, they didn't and took action, admittedly under government pressure, which was never even threatened here in the worst days of hooliganism.

Another point could not be more heavily underlined, however. The kind of rabid contribution to football controversy, and enmity, so regularly offered by Mourinho does indeed cry out for action. His worst behaviour inevitably follows some crisis for his team, never a triumph. It is provocative and corrosive and can only help the venomous thugs who staged their sickening showdown on Sunday night.

http://sport.independent.co.uk/rugby_un ... 352824.ece

And he manages another dig higher up:

How convenient it is for rugby union that there is apparently not a scrap of video evidence supporting Eddie O'Sullivan's claim - and let's not be queasy about this - that his star fly-half Ronan O'Gara narrowly avoided being killed by a Scottish opponent at Murrayfield last Saturday.

Let's not also be vague. The Irish coach was not talking about accidental or even reckless mayhem. He was describing something that could fairly be described as a life-threatening attack. OK, that too might be a little bit mealy-mouthed. Police charge sheets have, after all, a phrase for O'Sullivan's allegation. It's called attempted murder.

No doubt those who down the years have so relentlessly built a culture of denial that so much rugby skulduggery is anything more than a natural, manly expression of physical commitment - and not the work of licensed psychopaths - will demur. They will see it as an exaggerated, if not hysterical, response to a situation that ended with O'Gara, albeit a little shakily, attending a post-game banquet.

Before they do so, however, they should consider one unhelpful fact. O'Sullivan is no Jose Mourinho. He doesn't lie and abuse opponents and match officials when things go wrong, and certainly not when he has just landed the Triple Crown. It is also true that O'Sullivan is not a lame duck in the ordinary cut and thrust of sports propaganda, but that is a different matter entirely.

So a top rugby coach accuses another team of attempted murder and cover-up - on the field in front of 70000 people and millions of TV viewers - but there's not a scrap of video evidence to support his claims, and the video ref is taking no action.

And he is 'no Jose Mourinho'.

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